Cape Cod Shark Attack Leaves 1 Person in Critical Condition

Cape Cod shark attack


A shark attack in Cape Cod left one person in critical condition on Wednesday, August 15. Local authorities say that a 61-year-old male was attacked in Truro, Massachusetts, one of the state’s eastern-most towns. The man was in the water, though it is unclear how deep, at Long Nook Beach when he was attacked. According to CBS Boston, the man was surfing at the time of the attack.

A medical helicopter arrived in the area just after 4:30 p.m. to transfer the man to the hospital. He is said to have suffered “deep puncture wounds” to his leg and his torso, according to NECN. The man was taken to Tufts Medical Center. Updates on his condition have not been released.

According to the Town of Truro’s website, Long Nook Beach has been closed.

“An individual sustained injuries from a reported shark bite today, 8/15/18, at Long Nook Beach. Long Nook Beach closed to swimming until further notice. More information will be provided as it is available,” a message on the site reads.

Authorities in the area have launched an investigation. So far, the type of shark that bit the man has not been identified. Many people believe that it was a great white shark, however, given the sightings in the area as of late.

Cape Cod waters have been home to several great white sharks this summer. Each year, the sightings in the area become more frequent.

Below is a map of great white shark sightings in Massachusetts this year. While most of these sightings have been along the outer cape, there have been a few sightings off the coast of Dennis, Sandwich, and even near Plymouth.

Shortly after the shark attack this afternoon, WBZ filmed a shark in the ocean, not too far from where the attack happened. You can see that footage below.

This is the first shark attack in Cape Cod in several years. The last reported attack was in 2012 when a swimmer was attacked by a great white off Ballston Beach, also located in Truro.

Last year, a shark bit into the paddle board of a water sports enthusiast.

“I caught a few waves and was paddling back out and I was moving to stand up when I got knocked off my board. It felt like getting hit by a truck while on a bicycle. It was a shock. I thought, ‘What was that?'” 69-year-old Cleveland “Cleve” Bigelow said at the time.