• Mieke Oort: Massachusetts Student Killed by Stalker She Met on Tinder in Netherlands

    Mieke Oort was a Massachusetts woman who was killed while studying in the Netherlands. Police arrested a man she met on Tinder who investigators say was stalking her with a GPS device.

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    Is it possible to find an unbiased juror in the age of ubiquitous social media and internet use? That’s the question for the Supreme Court in an appeal by one of the Boston Marathon bombers.

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    There are reports of a bizarre incident in Winthrop, Massachusetts, in which shooting broke out after a truck ran into a building.

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    Carrie O'Connor was a 38-year-old Boston University professor who died on Monday when she was crushed in an elevator accident.

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    Both went after each other, politically and sometimes personally, in one of the race's most heated debates. Here's a quick review of what happened Tuesday night.

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    Boston has canceled its annual St. Patrick's Day Parade over concerns about coronavirus.