Jessie James Decker Breastfeeds Son With Wine in Hand

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Cheers bitches

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Fans and foes are commenting like mad on Jessie James Decker’s Instagram image of her breastfeeding her son Forrest Bradley with a glass of wine with the caption “Cheers bitches.”

Nearing 300,000 likes on the post of the singer-songwriter, many comments largely focused on the wine-while-breastfeeding but others, especially moms, called out mom-shaming, said it’s unlikely any alcohol would make its way to her son. And then there were others who were upset about her breast being exposed: “Breastfeeding is wonderful but we don’t have to see it,” said one.

Many of that opinion were dragged: “Breast milk does in fact come from a breast folks, this isn’t new information. When you’re feeding every 2-4 hours around the clock, there is a real good chance you’re going to have your boob out, again I know this is a real shocker! Gah all these people who are ready to pounce on a mother who is sustaining life to her infant! Get OVER yourselves!”

Back to the reality star breastfeeding while drinking wine.

One commenter said, “Maternal blood alcohol levels must attain 300mg/100ml before significant side affects are reported in any infant. (80mg/100ml fails a police breath test) so I think she and her baby should be clear of all the bs hate comments. She’s good She’s the stereotypical southern-belle wife and mother with a twist. Love her ♥️ If anyone thinks she hasn’t cleared drinking a glass of wine or champagne (to celebrate Eric’s new job) you’re insane. She’s too good of a mother not to. Also check into what you’re actually saying. A lot of you are completely clueless.”

But some who linked to studies or just stated opinion as fact were not having the drinking-while-breastfeeding.

“Taking advice from a country singer on whether it’s okay to drink while nursing? Why not ask an expert? Clearly @jessiejamesdecker is not the smartest woman in the world. Nursing is a special time for baby to feed and mommy to bond with baby. Not a time for mommy to drink.”

“You’re right it’s not my child but it sends a poor message to mothers. It is never a good thing to drink wine while nursing. Beer maybe before you nurse but sitting there drinking a glass of wine is not good for a new baby. It’s about the child.”

Decker said in a post from earlier this week that she breastfeeds “on demand” and no longer pumps breast milk.

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Mommy question #4monthsold #distractedeater

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Anyway, the country singer, and founder and creative director @kittenish has a new book coming out in October, “Just Jessie.”

And she has a new makeup collection.

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She is married to newly-minted New England Patriots wide receiver Eric Decker. The two starred in their own reality show, ‘Eric & Jessie: Game On’ which ran in 2014 but returned to E! in the fall of 2017.