Maxine Myod: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Maxine Myod is the New York woman who allegedly bit, sprayed, and tried to hammer a pair of New York police officers in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, according to the New York Post. Myod, 48, was charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing. The police officers are all in stable condition.

Here’s what you need to know about Maxine Myod:

1. Myod Was Apparently Involved in a Public Fight With Another Woman When the Police Showed Up

At about 12:23PM on Tuesday, the NYPD received a 911 call saying that an asssault was taking place on east 38th street and Madison Avenue. Police rushed to the scene, where they found two women arguing in the street.

One of the women — Maxine Myod — apparently went berserk as soon as the police showed up. She sank her teeth deep into one officer’s elbow. Then she pulled out a can and sprayed some kind of chemical at a policewoman and another policeman.

Passersby were stunned and unable to believe their eyes. News reports don’t say what happened to the woman Myod had been arguing with, and it’s unclear what the two women were arguing about in the first place.

2. Myod Also Tried to Hit the Cops With a Big, Blue and Yellow Hammer

Francis Oforr, who works in a midtown building near the scene of Myod’s bizarre encounter, says that after biting and spraying the police, Myod had one more trick up her sleeve. She reached into her bag and pulled out a large, blue and yellow hammer.

“She tried to hit the cop with a hammer,” Oforr said.Other witnesses at the scene confirmed that Myod was trying to attack the police with a hammer. Cops managed to subdue her before she hit anybody with the hammer.

3. Myod Has Been Taken to Bellevue Psychiatric Ward for an Evaluation

Police managed to subdue Myod and took her in to Bellevue Hospital, where she will undergo a thorough psychiatric evaluation. It is not yet clear when she will appear in court. There was also no word yet on whether she would enter an insanity plea.

Myod, 48, faces charges of assault on an officer, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing.

4. Onlookers Say They Originally Thought Myod Was Using Hairspray on the Cops

Witnesses at the scene seem to have been baffled by Myod’s fierce encounter with the police. Many report being confused and not quite understanding what was going on.

One witness, who asked to remain anonymous, told the New York Post, “I heard them say, ‘You’re coming with us.’ Then she started yelling, ‘No! No! No!’ And all I saw was this woman spraying. She sprayed two cops in the eye.”

The witness added, “I thought maybe it was hairspray. But then I noticed it was a direct stream .” The witness added that one of the police officers was crying from the impact of the spray.

5. Police Were Examined at a Local Hospital After the Attack

The New York Post reports that police were taken to Lenox Hill Hospital following the bizarre incident. They were determined to be in stable condition — including the officer whose arm was bitten.

It is still not clear what exactly the spray used on the police officer was.

Myod faces charges of assault on an officer, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing. She is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital.