WATCH: Post Malone Plane Landing Live Stream Video

A Gulfstream IV private jet that took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon was forced to make an emergency landing after blowing its tires. According to TMZ, rapper Post Malone is on board the jet along with 15 other passengers. You can watch the video of the plane landing by clicking here.

The plane has landed safely.

“ARFF is now responding to the aircraft as a precautionary measure, but it made a textbook landing a few minutes ago. Ambulances that had staged at SWF as a precaution have now departed the airport,” NYC Aviation tweeted a few minutes ago.

Earlier this afternoon, the plane was flying over Connecticut trying to burn off fuel before heading west toward New York. The plane has landed safely at Stewart International Airport, located in Orange County.

“The plane is about to land. We’re told there are 9 fire trucks, at least 25 personnel and 12 ambulances on standby,” TMZ reported.

The jet was set to embark on its journey to Luton, England but, just after takeoff, the pilot alerted air traffic control to a serious problem.

“In air traffic audio…the pilot makes it clear, they’ve lost a tire, and asks for permission to circle above … he also makes it known there are 16 people on the plane. Our source says air traffic control then informed the pilot to continue flight to Massachusetts in order to burn more fuel for a safer possible crash landing. We’re told the plane had 3,700 gallons of fuel to burn,” TMZ reported.

Further details about what exactly happened during take off weren’t immediately made available. As far as how the plane will land, aircraft pilots are trained According to New York City Aviation, “events like this are routine, even if it is uncommon for an aircraft this size to blow 2 tires simultaneously.”

When the plane appeared, those watching the live stream noticed that its tires appeared to be in tact. It’s possible that it was one of the plane’s rear tires that had blown, but no updates have been made available since the plane landed.

It is possible for a plane to land without its tires, but it does take some skill and some swift navigation to ensure that the landing is done properly. There have not been any reports of injuries sustained on this flight.

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