Shayna Hubers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shayna Hubers

Campbell County Detention Center Shayna Hubers is currently in a re-trial for the murder of her former boyfriend in 2012, whom she admitted to shooting in what she claims was self-defense.

Shayna Hubers is currently on trial for the murder of her former boyfriend, Ryan Poston, in 2012

Hubers was first convicted of murder in April, 2015. She was sentenced to 40 years of prison, but her sentencing was overturned a year later when it was revealed that a convicted felon had been one of the jury members.

Now, Hubers is going through her second trial.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Hubers Admitted to Shooting Poston Six Times in 2012

Hubers and Poston reportedly had an on-again, off-again volatile relationship for 18 months, and had broken up at the time of his murder.

On the night of the incident, Hubers called 911 herself to claim that she had shot Poston six times. After turning herself in, Hubers participated in a series of questionable actions, telling investigators at one point that she “gave him the nose job he’s always wanted” and even dancing around the interrogation room singing “I killed him, I killed him,” when no one was around.

Hubers also reportedly talked to her cellmate leading up to the trial about her legal strategies, saying “was going to plead insanity, but she was too smart because she has the IQ of Einstein. So she was going to plead battered wife syndrome.”

2. Hubers Claimed She Was Sexually Abused as a Child

While on the stand on Wednesday, Hubers claimed that she was molested sexually as a child and a teen throughout her childhood, though she didn’t extrapolate on who the perpetrator was.

She also claimed that Poston knew about this, and that he was “callous” about it when he referenced it to her.

3. Hubers Also Claims That Poston Was Trying to Force Her to Get an Orgasm Injection

On her second day of testimony during the second trial, Hubers claimed that Poston repeatedly requested that she get a shot that would help her to climax in bed, but she refused.

She details other aspects of their sex life, including that she agreed to certain acts she didn’t want to do because “I felt it was something that was important to him and I wanted to please him.”

4. Hubers Said Everything Went Downhill After She Refused a Sexual Act

Per, Hubers claims that in 2012 she and Poston had a sexual encounter that went “wrong,” which changed the dynamic of their relationship irrevocably.

“It felt degrading,” Hubers said, adding that she no longer trusted him.

5. Hubers Has Applied for a Marriage License to Marry a Fellow Inmate

In May 2018, leading up to her second trial, Hubers filed for a marriage license with Richard McBee, a transgender inmate currently being held for robbery and fugitive charges.

The only reason why they would not be able to marry would be if it were determined that of the inmates is not mentally stable.


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