Anthony Tong: Named as WTS Paradigm Shooter

Middleton Police Department Twitter

Twitter/Middleton Police Department

Anthony Tong is the man who shot three people inside of the offices of WTS Paradigm in the Madison-suburb of Middleton, Wisconsin. The gunfire erupted inside of the office at around 10:30 a.m. local time. Responding officers from the Middleton Police Department shot Tong, 43, dead at the scene, according to Middleton Police Chief Chuck Foulke. No other suspects are being sought in the attack. He was rushed to the University of Wisconsin Health University Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His victims were also treated at the university.

Police arrived at the offices, in the 1800 block of Denham Way, three minutes after they were first called. They made contact with the suspect eight minutes after the initial call.

WTS Paradigm is a company that provides software solutions for businesses. The Middleton Police Department is being assisted by the FBI’s Milwaukee office in the incident. Middleton is around 90 miles west of Milwaukee.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tong’s Home Was Searched by Police; the Gunman Bought the Home in July 2018

WISC reports that a home was searched by police in the Verona neighborhood of Madison on the night of the shooting. That home belonged to Tong, he bought it in July 2018. The station says that Tong lived alone. A neighbor of Tong’s told WISC, “It’s scary. Just concerning to not know, to think someone living behind us was maybe involved in that.”

Tong Has Been Identified as an Employee in the Building

A witness to the shooting told WMTV in Madison that he recognized Tong as someone who worked in the building. Chief Foulke said that Tong worked in the building and that “it wasn’t unusual for him to be there.” Police have yet to release a motive. Tong had worked for WTS Paradigm since April 2017.

Anthony Tong Was ‘Heavily Armed With a Lot of Extra Ammunition’

Chief Foulke said that Tong came to the offices “heavily armed” and “with a lot of extra ammunition.” The chief said that Tong was engaged by two Middleton cops and two Dane County sheriff’s deputies. Foulke said the officer’s actions “prevented a lot more bloodshed from happening.” WMTV anchor Tim Elliot who had been tweeting about the story, said that he had a friend who was in the conference room when the gunfire started. Elliot later told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel his friend “was in a front conference room when a co-worker of his opens fire. He tells us he saw three or maybe four people get shot.”

Co-workers described Tong to WISN’s Nick Bohr as “extremely quiet.”

3. The Victims’ Conditions Vary From Serious to Critical

One of those wounded is in critical condition at the University of Wisconsin hospital, another two are in serious condition, reports the Associated Press. Initial reports had said that there four victims, one of those victims included Tong.

An Employee Said During the Shooting She Wondered, ‘Do You Hide or Do Your Run?’

Speaking to the Associated Press, a business analyst with WTS Paradigm, Judy Lahmers, said she ran from the building. Lahmers said, “I’m not looking back. I’m just running as fast as I can. You just wonder, Do you hide or do you run?” Lahmers added that a co-worker of hers had been “grazed” by a bullet. Lahmers described the sound of the gunfire as “like somebody was dropping boards on the ground, really loud.” While Gabe Geib, who worked at another office in the building told the AP that she heard what “sounded like claps.”

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