Will Hurricane Florence Hit Myrtle Beach, SC? When?

National Hurricane Center

As of Wednesday morning, Hurricane Florence was located approximately 530 miles southeast of North Carolina’s Cape Fear, moving west northwest at 17 miles per hour. The storm is steadily making her way to the east coast, set to make landfall in North Carolina on Friday, September 14.

A Hurricane Warning has been issued for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Residents in the area can expect to see Tropical Storm conditions move into the area on Thursday. The wind speed will start to pick up and rain will start to fall, worsening into the evening. On Friday, Florence will be on land and hurricane conditions are possible across the eastern coast, inclusive of Myrtle Beach.

High Winds & Heavy Rain Will Be Major Issues in Myrtle Beach Through the Weekend

Florence Myrtle Beach

The peak wind forecast predictions are currently at 60-80 miles-per-hour with gusts to 100 miles-per-hour possible, with a potential for higher sustained winds of 74 to 110 mph wind in the Myrtle Beach area from Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon.

“Plan for extreme wind of equivalent CAT 3 hurricane force or higher due to possible forecast changes in track, size, or intensity,” the National Weather Service says. “Remaining efforts to protect life and property should be urgently completed. Prepare for catastrophic wind damage.”

Storm Surge will also be a major issue in Myrtle Beach, as it could be up to 6 feet. Catastrophic flooding may also be an issue, especially if the storm stalls.

“The main life-threatening risk may be a prolonged heavy rainfall event with associated flooding,” the weather service in Columbia, South Carolina, said.

The worst of the storm is expected in Myrtle Beach from Thursday evening through
Saturday afternoon. Tropical Storm conditions are still possible into Sunday, but the storm will be weakening and pulling away by that time.

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