Snochia Moseley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Snochia Moseley, who killed three people and wounded three others at a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland, died at a local hospital after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, police say. Moseley, 26, was a temporary employee at the distribution center. She had shown up for work as usual on the morning of September 20 before opening fire, according to police. In total seven people were shot in the attack, including Moseley. The center is located in Aberdeen in Harford County, Maryland, about 30 miles northeast of Baltimore. There are about 1,000 people employed in the complex.

Police were called to the warehouse at 9:06 a.m. and arrived within five minutes, officials said. The incident was classified as a “mass casualty incident,” as more than five people were said to have been hurt. Police do not believe there are any other suspects in the case.

The distribution center is in the Enterprise Business Park along Perryman Road, just outside of Aberdeen. Officials said that terrorism was not considered a likely motive. The gun, a 9mm Glock, used in the shooting was legally registered to Moseley.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Friends Say the Shooting Began in the Break Room of the Distribution Center

A friend of Moseley’s wrote on Facebook that the shooter “got into it with some co workers and just started letting off shots.” That friend, citing other workers at the distribution center, said Moseley “was arguing with someone in the break room and just started shooting. Not aiming, just letting off shots in every direction.” That friend added, “I don’t that this was 1 bad day. This was built up rage.” In that same comments thread, another friend said, “I don’t want her to be painted as a monster because she is not.”

Speaking to the Baltimore Sun, Moseley’s friend Troi Coley said that Mosely was transgender and had talked about recieving hormone therapy. It is unclear if Mosely preferred masculine or feminine pronouns. Coley added that Moseley “wasn’t a monster, wasn’t an angry person. I just believe this was emotional distress. If she did this, it was her last straw.”

2. Moseley Described Herself as ‘Quiet & to Myself’

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On her Facebook page, Moseley says she is from Trenton, New Jersey, and said she lived in Baltimore at the time of her death. Moseley attended Overlea High School in Baltimore. Moseley is listed as a 2011 graduate of the school along with her sister, Jasmine. In her “About” section on Facebook, Moseley writes, “Pretty kool, mellow type, silly,Party, Turn up, social and sometimes quiet and to myself type of personality.” Moseley gives her nickname as, “So the Charm,” an apparent reference to the nickname for the city of Baltimore.

It is not clear how long Moseley had been working as a temporary employee at the warehouse. At some point, Moseley used a staffing agency to help her find a job. In an undated review of the agency, Moseley wrote, “Immediate onboarding I like that a lot I started my first day coming in.”

3. Moseley Was Cited in a Traffic Violation in September 2018

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Maryland court records do not show a history of arrests or convictions for Snochia Teosha Olivia Moseley, only several open traffic cases. Moseley was cited in early September for driving without registration plates and validation tabs, failure to have insurance, driving with a suspended registration. That case was still pending at the time of her death.

Court records also show she was sued in Towson District Court on April 30, 2018, by the Office of Budget & Finance for the City of Baltimore. The case, filed in Towson District Court, is listed as a contract claim and no other details were immediately available. Her address, in that case, is listed as Landmark Court in Essex, Maryland. That case was also still pending with the last hearing occurring on June 22.

4. One of Moseley’s Friends Wrote on Facebook: ‘I Wasn’t Ready for That Information’ & ‘I’m Hurting Right Now’

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One of Moseley’s friends posted this status update on Facebook. Facebook

One of Moseley’s friends wrote on Facebook, “I wasn’t ready for that information. God bless her family.” A friend commented on that post saying, “Wow!!!!? just seen her yesterday!!!!!”

Snochia Moseley


Another friend wrote, “I’m hurting right now???.” Under that post, friends wrote, “Me too… can’t believe this,” and “My heart hurts I can’t believe it.” A different friend wrote, “THIS IS PUBLIC FOR EVERY SINGLE REPORTER THAT COMES TO MY PAGE. STOP MESSAGING ME!I’m not talking to any reporters! NO COMMENT!!!!”

Snochia Moseley


A family member said, “My familllllyyyy ????????????????????? PLEASE PRAY FOR US.” While another friend said in a status update, “I’m just so lost for words right now smh.”

5. No Shots Were Fired by Law Enforcement

Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler said that no shots were fired by law enforcement at the scene. Gahler said Moseley died after suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The suspect had earlier been reported to have been in critical condition at a local hospital. The sheriff said that shooting began outside of the distribution center before Moseley moved inside and continued firing.

The sheriff added, “As you’ve seen when something like this happens, you can’t have enough police and you can’t have them fast enough.” Moseley’s last known address was in Baltimore County. No motive has been made public by authorities.

ABC Baltimore reports that three victims, some who may need surgery, are being treated at Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital. It is not clear which hospital Moseley was being treated at. When asked if the suspect was at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Raymond Fang told the media, “To us, they’re all patients.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that another person is being treated Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware. The sheriff said that the injuries sustained by the wounded victims do not appear to be life-threatening.

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The gunfire broke out in the area of the center where employees process goods for delivery. A Rite Aid spokeswoman told ABC Baltimore, “This is part of large facility that is a distribution center. The shooting happened adjacent to the primary building.” Fox Baltimore reports the area where the shootking took place is known as the Liberty Support Facility. The Fox report adds that the reunification of families and workers at the center has been complicated by the fact that employees are not allowed to use their cell phones during work.

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The other businesses in the park include, the Clorox Companty, Zenith Freight Lines, TruAire and Maines Paper & Food Service.

Andre Cedano, whose daughter, Lela, works at the center, told the Balitmore Sun that Lela ran and hid in bathroom when the shots were fired. Cedano said, “She had a panic. It’s crazy that people don’t respect life.”

The Rite Aid distribution center shooting comes 11 months after convicted gunman Radee Prince shot five people at Advanced Granite Solutions in Edgewood, Maryland. The kitchen manufacturer is located less than 10 miles from the Rite Aid center. Three people were killed and two were injured in that incident.

Prince went drove to Delaware where she shot another person. In June 2018, Prince was sentenced to 40 years in prison after being found guilty of manslaughter.

The Rite Aid center shooting is the third in the United States in 24 hours. On September 19, three people were shot in a shooting at WTS Paradigm in Middleton, Wisconsin, a suburb of Madison. The shooter, an employee at the company, was wounded in that incident. A couple of hours later, four people were shot when Patrick Dowdell, 61, shot four people outside of a magistrate’s office in Masontown, Pennsylvania. Dowdell was later shot-and-killed by police. Dowdell had been scheduled to appear in court on domestic violence charges.

Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler issued a searing statement in the wake of the Aberdeen shooting. Mohler said, “Once again, a tragic act of gun violence has hit close to home as mass shootings have become the norm. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of such senseless violence, and to their families. But these words have begun to ring hollow as we have had 25 mass shootings in September and more than 150 this year. Enough is enough… We’ve never backed down from challenges in our nation, and we can’t back down now. If we pass this cancer onto the next generation, the blood will be on our hands.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan tweeted that he was “closely monitoring” the shooting. The governor added, “Our prayers are with all those impacted, including our first responders. The State stands ready to offer any support.”

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