WATCH: LAPD Releases New Video And Audio of Trader Joe’s Shootout

LAPD has released new video and audio from a shootout that took place outside of a Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake on July 21st. Dashcam footage has been released by the officers involved in the incident.

The video shows suspect Evin Atkins being pursued by police after allegedly shooting his grandmother and fleeing the scene in a stolen car. The chase ends when Atkins crashes into a light pole outside of a Trader Joe’s grocery store. Gunfire is exchanged between police and the suspect before he enters the store and takes hostages.

The video shows how the standoff ended, after gunfire between the suspect and police leaves Atkins wounded, causing him to surrender three hours after he first took hostages. Atkins was arrested on suspicion of murder charges after one Trader Joe’s employee was killed in the exchange of gunfire between Atkins and police.

He was booked in Los Angeles County jail where he may face other charges, a spokesman for the LAPD said. “The Los Angeles District Attorney filed more than 30 counts against him including murder and six counts of attempted murder,” reported Deadline.



Mayor Adam West

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why the hell would you fire your weapon right there??

Both those officers need a new line of work. Imagine being killed by a couple dolt cops who fire from 40 yards away right into a grocery store entrance…

I hope her family sues the crap out of the LAPD


Yeah right, it’s the cops fault that a crazy nog is driving around shooting at them because he had a fight with his grandma?

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