WATCH: Amy Schumer Says She’s Going to Get Arrested at the Kavanaugh Protest

Actress Amy Schumer joined the crods of protesters swarming into the US Capitol building on Thursday afternoon, and told the crowds that she fully expects to get arrested. Emily Ratajkowski was right beside her, waiting in line for police to put cuffs on her too.

You can watch the video message Schumer sent to one of her young fans, here

Schumer and Ratajkowski were among the hundreds of protesters who stormed the Capitol building on Thursday afternoon, chanting “whose Senate? Our Senate” and, “whose courts? Our courts.” You can see the protesters in the Capitol here:

The protesters — including Amy Schumer — entered the Capitol Building at around 3:30 on Thursday afternoon. Capitol Hill police asked demonstrators to go to the upper levels of the building.

Anyone who refused to go upstairs was told they would be arrested. Protesters mostly took this in stride. Many of the demonstrators seemed a little star-struck to have Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski among them:

Thousands of Protesters Are in DC to Protest Kavanaugh

Protesters flocked to Washington DC on Thursday afternoon to voice their opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. An estimated 1000 or more demonstrators swarmed the Hart Senate building, filling every floor of the building and hanging signs in the windows.

Thousands more filled the streets of Capitol Hill, chanting slogans and holding signs to protest Kavanaugh.

The vote on Kavanaugh is expected to come as early as Saturday afternoon. Late on Wednesday night, the Senate Judiciary Committee received the FBI’s report into alleged sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh. The chair of the Senate committee, Chuck Grassley, then filed cloture, which set the ball rolling towards a limited debate and then a vote.

A “cloture vote” — which would limit further debate on the nomination — is expected on Friday morning, which means that a confirmation vote would likely take place on Saturday or on Sunday.

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