Hulu Is Reportedly Down for Users Throughout the United States

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Hulu is reportedly down, as of Thursday afternoon. Multiple users took to Twitter to try to figure out why the television and entertainment network wasn’t working properly. Hulu Support has confirmed that it’s ” currently investigating this issue with a high priority.”

The reason for Hulu being down is not yet known, but reports of trouble with the service are streaming into Twitter, as of 5:53 PM, EDT. Users have confirmed that both live TV and streaming services are not working.

This is not the first time that Hulu has been reported down. The service has had several issues in the last few months. One user tweeted, “This is the 3rd time it’s down in a little over a month. How have you guys not found a permanent solution to this issue already??”

One user tweeted a video of her experience, pointing out that their kids are streaming a show on the same internet via Roku and there’s no problem with the wifi in the house. Another user tweeted that their Live TV was working but their streaming wasn’t, which shows that it’s not a one-size-fits-all error.

What’s more, another user tweeted a screenshot of Hulu being “unable to process” her request. Others have pointed out that Netflix seems to be working fine, calling into question the “connectivity” issue that Hulu has been referencing.

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