Ron Jeremy & Dennis Hof: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ron jeremy Dennis Hof


Ron Jeremy was the man who found his friend Dennis Hof dead, according to a report. Jeremy told the Blast that he had been at a rally for Hof, who was running for the state assembly in Nevada, on October 15. The rally took place in Pahrump, Nevada. Jeremy said that afterward, he and a few others went to the Love Ranch brothel to party. Jeremy said that Hof was with a “sexy Latin girl” the night before his death. The next morning, Jeremy said he went to wake Hof and found him dead. Jeremy said Hof’s skin was “cold to the touch” and his eyes half open. Emergency responders were called but were unable to revive Hof. He was 72 years old.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jeremy Called Hof a ‘Teddy Beary’ & ‘Such a Loyal Friend’

Jeremy’s account of what occurred on the morning of October 16 was supported by Hof’s campaign manager, Chuck Muth, who tweeted, “Dennis died quietly in his sleep. Ron Jeremy found him this morning when he went to wake him to go to a meeting in Pahrump. Investigation still going on.” Jeremy described the night before Hof’s death as his “best night in years.” Jeremy added, “People didn’t really know the real him, he was a teddy bear and such a loyal friend.” Jeremy also said that he has spoken with detectives regarding Hof’s death. Nye County spokesman Arnold Knightly told the Reno Gazette-Journal that Hof “went to sleep last night and didn’t wake up.” Chuck Muth tweeted prior to Hof’s death that he had celebrated his birthday with Tucker Carlson, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other conservative figures.

Chuck Muth told the Gazette-Journal about Hof’s last night, “We had a wonderful event last night. He was having the time of his life last night. Grover Norquist was there. Ron Jeremy was there. He was given the rescue dog as a birthday present. He was having the time of his life.”

2. Hof Called Ron Jeremy His ‘Number One Bitch’

Ron Jeremy Dennis Hof


According to Hof’s 2015 memoir, The Art of the Pimp: One Man’s Search for Love, Sex, and Money, via Vice, Hof had a “bizarre relationship with Jeremy.” The book says that Hof supports Jeremy and used female pronouns to describe the legendary porn star. In one section, Hof said Jeremy was his “number one bitch.” A CNN report on Hof’s brothel empire described Jeremy as one of Hof’s advisors.

3. The Pair Discussed Their Dislike of Sarah Palin in a 2008 Interview While Hof Mentioned His ‘Love’ for Hillary Clinton

Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy Interview "Cops & Robbers" Red CarpetDennis Hof and Ron Jeremy interview at Cops And Robbers event benefiting Cops Care Cancer Foundation on August 23, 2008 Interview By Lindsay Liles ©MaximoTV2008-09-10T08:31:58.000Z

In September 2008, Hof and Jeremy, along with Hof’s then-girlfriend, Brooke Taylor, told the Observer, about their hatred for Sarah Palin. The trio was being interviewed on the red carpet for Ricky Gervais’ movie Ghost Town. Jeremy began by saying, “She said on TV- I had to double check my set three times- she said if war with Russia was necessary would that be an option… I would have had sex with her until she said that, I would have, she’s cute. Now I’m scared of her.”

Dennis Hof Ron jeremy

Hof then chimed in saying, “I would tell you this. I wouldn’t hire her at the bunny ranch, I can’t see her being sexual. Our customers demand more and better. We love Hillary. We’re not going to sleep with her, but we love her.” Hof was running for state assembly as a Republican. In December 2016, Hof referred to himself as a “Trump Republican.” Hof had been a supporter of Ron Paul in the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. Hof said at the time, “I’m still libertarian-leaning in my philosophy and will focus more on fiscally conservative issues. But as long as one has respect for the views and interests of more socially conservative voters, and as long as we keep an open line of communication and work to find common ground, it can be a win-win electoral situation for everybody.”

4. Hof Said of Jeremy, ‘Whatever I Need, I Know He’ll Be There’

Ron Jeremy Dennis Hof


Hof said in a 2015 interview with Nevada Public Radio that even though he might die “without knowing true love,” he was lucky to be able to count on a core group of friends. Hof said, “I have a couple friends I know that I can count on. A buddy of mine–Crazy Glen. I know the owner of the Lakers will be there, whatever I need. Ron Jeremy, my crazy porn buddy…I know he’ll be there. So I have that support team.”

5. Jeremy & Hof Were Also Fans of Disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Dennis Hof Ron Jeremy


The New York Daily News reported in September 2009 that Jeremy and Hof were friends of disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. The newspaper was reporting that the trio hung out in Los Angeles with Hof saying, “[Blagojevich is] a great guy. I believe he’s going to be acquitted.” Jeremy added, “All he did was try to sell a Senate seat — supposedly. I found him charming. He said, ‘You’re kind of iconic, aren’t you?’ I’ll be on my knees in five seconds for anybody who says that to me.” Blagojevich was later found guilty of trying to benefit from selling President Obama’s vacated Senate seat in 2008.

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