Facebook Messenger Down: Global Outages Reported on Twitter

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Facebok Messenger was down for thousands of people as of 3 PM on Monday, November 19, 2018, according to a series of tweets by users reporting the issue. Specifically, the Facebook Messenger App as well as the desktop version is down for users around the world. However, the issues were later fixed.

Facebook has not yet explained the cause for the issue, but the rest of the social network appears to be functioning normally. According to Down Detector, the greatest location reporting issues with Facebook messenger is in Europe, with the largest concentration of issues in America located on the West Coast.

Here’s how users are reacting to the issues with Facebook Messenger.

Twitter Reacts: Facebook Messenger Down

Here is one site that you can use to check the current status of Facebook Messenger. According to Down Detector, the most commonly reported problems with Facebook Messenger are as follows: “Connection to server (40%); receiving messages (40%); Log-in (18%).”

The site periodically has reports of issues; Down Detector reported that issues were also resolved on January 5, 2019; January 14, 2019; and December 20, 2018. However, the issues appear to be resolved pretty frequently.

Here are some of the tweets that were posted about the issues that occurred on November 19, 2018:

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