4 People Found ‘Executed’ in a Philadelphia Basement

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Four people were found dead in a Philadelphia basement with gunshot wounds to their heads. NBC Philadelphia reports that the victims, two men and two women, were found on the morning of November 19 in a home located along the 5100 block of Malcolm Street in the Cedar Park neighborhood in the southwest part of the city.

Here’s what you need to know:

Each Victim Had a Single Gunshot Wound to Their Head

4 Murdered Execution-Style In Southwest Philadelphia Home, Police SayJoe Holden reports.2018-11-19T22:09:53.000Z

Police have not made any comments on the motive or about a suspect in the slayings. No arrests have been made in the case and the murder weapon has not been recovered. Fox Philadelphia reports that two of the victims are a 31-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman. Each person had a single gunshot wound to their head. The Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned in their report that the victims were killed “execution style.”

2 of the Men Who Lived in the Home Are Cousins

Police: 4 Gunned Down Execution-Style In PhillyJoe Holden reports.2018-11-19T23:20:12.000Z

Fox Philadelphia reports that the male victims are cousins who were living in the home. Neighbors told the station that they heard three or four “loud bangs” on the night before the bodies were discovered. The neighbors attributed the noises to renovations that were going on in the home.

Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner Said That He Hopes the Community Does Not Become ‘Desensitized’ to Violence

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. told the media that the four people were shot dead on the night of November 18. Ross said, “Sadly all four of these individuals were executed.” Ross added that the act was “evil” and that inside the home was a “horrible scene.” The commissioner went on, “This could be anybody’s family. You just hope that people don’t get desensitized to these horrible acts that just keep occurring… We’re interviewing witnesses, family members to see if we can determine that this might be about, as well as checking potential surveillance cameras in the area.” The area where the shooting occurred is gentrifying.

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