Buckey Wolfe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

buckey wolfe

Facebook Buckey Wolfe.

Buckey Wolfe is the Seattle man who was arrested after he confessed to killing his brother with a four-foot long sword, authorities say. Prosecutors say Wolf, 26, may have a serious mental illness and likely poses a serious threat to the community if he doesn’t stay behind bars. The 26-year-old often posted about his belief in Christian repentance but also held bizarre political theories about a class of reptiles who were holding the rest of the country down.

A judge agreed with prosecutors’ assessment and set Wolfe’s bail at one million dollars. He is currently in custody awaiting his next court date.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Wolf Says He Believed His Brother Had Turned into a Lizard & That’s Why He Killed Him

Wolfe called 911 on Sunday evening to make an unusual confession. He told authorities that he had killed his brother James because, at the time of the murder, he believed that his brother was a lizard. “Kill me, kill me, I can’t live in this reality,” he told the dispatcher, according to court records obtained by the Seattle Times; Wolfe reportedly added, “God told me he was a lizard.”

Police quickly arrived to arrest Wolfe, who told them that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Court papers said that Wolfe told the police that their “eyes and mouths were changing” and asked them whether they could see lizards in the room.

2. Wolfe Allegedly Speared His Brother With a Four-Foot Long Sharpened Pole

Prosecutors said that Wolfe posed an “extreme danger” to the community and urged the court to keep him in custody. Court papers described a horrific crime in which Buckey’s brother, James, died after being rammed through the head with a four-foot-long “sword-like instrument” which had been sharpened into a dangerous weapon.

“The defendant’s actions — jamming the tang end of a four-foot long sharpened metal-bladed sword-like instrument completely through the victim’s head and killing him — demonstrate the danger he poses,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott O’Toole wrote in charging papers. “Moreover, (the) defendant appears to be severely mentally ill.”

It was not clear what, exactly, set Buckey off and led to him allegedly killing his brother with a primitive sword. But the 26-year-old told the 911 dispatcher that he believed his brother had turned into a lizard; when police arrived, he asked them whether they could see lizards in the apartment.

3. Wolfe Often Posted on Facebook About the ‘Reptiles’ Who Run Society, QAnon & the Proud Boys

Buckey Wolfe’s Facebook account is full of posts warning about a “cabal of reptiles.” On January 1, he wrote, “I will dash you lizards to pieces like pottery and scatter your bones to the winds!!!!!” Later on the same day, he wrote, “The cabal and all the corrupt reptiles up at the top who horde technology/ information for their own personal gain at the detriment of others will be laid low un to dust, their money will be stripped from them and given to the people they oppress!!!”

Wolfe also appears to be deeply religious, often posting about the need to repent and turn back to Christ. On January 2, he wrote, “EVERYONE Will be given a chance to turn to Christ our Lord and savior!!!!!! He wants you to live!!!!!!! Please TURN TO HIM WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Wolfe often posted YouTube videos of ancient and modern Christian music and wrote about the need to praise Christ. ”

Wolfe also called himself a member of the far-right Proud Boys group and believes in the QAnon conspiracy theory, The Daily Beast reports.

“I’m a proud Western chauvinist and I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world,” Wolfe posted in February, followed by a post referencing the Proud Boys slogan, “Uhuru!!!”

About QAnon, Wolfe posted about “The Storm,” an event believers in the conspiracy theory think will happen when all the secrets an anonymous government figure named “Q” has been posting about will be revealed. Wolfe wrote, “It’s coming, and it’s gonna be good! Y’alls are gonna get your just dues. I will be so happy, you have no idea.”

4. Wolfe Warned Other Family Members, ‘You Will Be Made Into Dust, Lizard’

Wolfe’s family was already getting worried about him before he allegedly killed his brother with a sword. In late December, Buckey posted a long rant about people turning into lizards. The post ended with a plea not to ignore him. One of Buckey’s relatives, Ann Wolfe Kerr, replied to ask if he was okay; she told him that she couldn’t understand what he was talking about, and said that she loved him.

Buckey replied, “I know you don’t cus you’ve been taken, don’t think I didn’t notice when you got back from your cruise your eyes had changed!!!! You will be made in to dust lizard!!!!!”

After that, more family members — including James — got involved in the online chat. Some suggested that Buckey should smoke more pot to calm himself down. Others said that they would always support Buckey because, they said, family always stands together.

5. Wolfe, 26, Lived at Home With His Parents & His Brother Had Moved Away

Authorities say Wolfe lived in what’s known as a “mother in law apartment,” a small apartment slightly apart from his parents’ home but on the same property. Even in the midst of his talk about lizards, Wolfe was able to give the 911 dispatcher his correct address, on 4100 block of Phinney Avenue.

Police said that footage from a camera that was set up outside Buckey Wolfe’s apartment showed Buckey and his brother walking together peacefully on the day of the alleged murder. There was also footage of the young men’s father handing food to Buckey, the charges say. Footage shot later from the same camera shows Buckey running out of the apartment.