WATCH: Bears Mascot Falls After Cody Parkey Misses

cody parkey

Getty Cody Parkey

Cody Parkey missed a game-winning field goal for the Chicago Bears, so the Eagles advance. Who can blame the Chicago Bears’ mascot for collapsing after that?

Yes, the mascot did fall to the ground after the big Cody Parkey miss. Here’s the video:

Here’s another look. People couldn’t help themselves. “Cody Parkey killed the Bears’ mascot,” joked one upset fan on Twitter.” The #Bears mascot deserves a raise,” wrote another. “Breaking: Bears mascot dies of shock after witnessing the Cody Parkey missed field goal!” joked a man on social media. (However, video may show the ball was tipped by an Eagles player.)

Here’s a close up:

Here’s another video of the kick:

Parkey hit the upright and crossbar. As USA Today explained it, “Cody Parkey missed a 43-yard field goal with 10 seconds left, allowing the Eagles to escape with a 16-15 win in the NFC wild-card round.” USA Today added, “The kick by Parkey, who has been inconsistent all season, hit the left upright and then bounced off the crossbar for good measure.”

The memes and comments quickly flew on Twitter. “Find a girl who loves you as much as #CodyParkey loves hitting the upright #Wow,” wrote one Twitter user. “It’s only 6 days old, but Cody Parkey is already having the worst 2019,” wrote another. Added another: “If I didnt do my job right as much as @CodyParkey does, I’d be fired. 😔🤬”

Some people expressed support or concern for Parkey. “Omg @codyparkey I wanna hug you tight right now ! #letsgoeagles,” wrote one woman. Another woman wrote, “OMG! I feel for @CodyParkey that was heartbreaking #BearsvsEagles #poorparkey.” Wrote a man: “Poor #CodyParkey – sports at their cruelest!”

However, others were brutal, with one man writing, “#CodyParkey better call his wife and tell her to start looking for a day job.” Another Twitter user wrote, “How do you hit the upright 5 times in one year? @CodyParkey.”

There Was Already a GoFundMe Campaign to Buy Out Parkey’s Contract

Even before the missed kick on January 6, 2019, there was a GoFundMe campaign that had been started to “Help Buy Out Cody Parkey And His Awful Contract.” In what is a pretty psychic post now, the account says, “Do u know where u were on November 11, 2018 aka the day when Cody Parkey missed and hit the goal post not 1, not 2, not even f*cking 3 times but 4 times… I sure do. I was sitting on my couch with extended family getting ridiculed for being a die hard Chicago Bears fan. Well, who’s laughing now ?!? Were 12-4 and going into the playoffs. BUT BEFORE, the playoffs start we have the opportunity to play a part in the Bears fate. Please help the Bears front office get a new kicker who won’t do pull some sh*t that happened on November 11.”

However, as of January 6, 2019, the campaign had raised only $5 of its $9 million goal.

There were other concerns about his performance. “Parkey has been visiting Soldier Field during the week to practice instead of doing all his kicking at the Bears’ practice facility. This week, he kicked at the stadium on Wednesday and Thursday mornings,” reported

“I’ve got no reason not to be confident,” Parkey told reporters, according to the newspaper. “I mean, I’m not having the best year of my life, but sometimes you guys act like I’m going 20 percent. If you calculate all of my kicks, I’m probably at like 87, 88 percent for the year. That’s not as bad as you guys make me out to be.”