K-9 Chucky: A Tribute to the Fallen Officer

Bexar County Sheriff Chucky

Chucky, a devoted K9 member of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, was killed Friday night in the line of duty while helping police apprehend a man who led law enforcement on a multi-county chase. Officers and the community are bidding a tearful goodbye to the devoted K9. This is a tribute to Chucky.

Chucky Was Killed Trying To Restrain a Man Who Had Led Police on a Multi-County Chase & Was Firing Shots at Officers

Bexar County Sheriff\’s Office

Chucky was shot and killed Friday night, and Bexar County Police have charged Matthew Reyes Mireles, 38, in the dog’s tragic death, My San Antonio reported. Mireles was charged with felonies that include interference with a police service animal, attempted capital murder of a police officer, aggravated assault on a public service, and evading arrest detention with a vehicle.

The police chase began in Karnes City and ended in San Antonio, said Sheriff Javier Salazar. The chase began when the suspect fled from police when they tried to pull him over Friday night. He had multiple outstanding warrants in his name. As police chased the suspect, he would periodically fire shots at the officers, My San Antonio reported. During the chase, the man abandoned his car near Loop 1604 and Texas 151 in San Antonio and left the car in drive. It struck a patrol car and the man continued firing shots as he ran away.

Chucky was deployed to help restrain the man, but he fired several shots and Chucky was hit. “Chucky was able to get a bite on the suspect. Unfortunately, the suspect fired several shots. Chuck was struck and died at the scene,” Salazar said.

Chucky Was a 5-Year-Old Belgian Malinois

Chucky was only 5-years-old. He’s a Belgian Malinois, which is sometimes classified as a variety of Belgian Shepherd. The Belgian Malinois is known for being confident, intelligent, and easily trained, making a great watch and guard dog, VetStreet noted. These dogs also are very affectionate. They’re often mistaken for a small German Shepherd because of their fawn-colored fur and black face.

Chucky Was Given a Protective Vest in 2016, But Officers Didn’t Have Time To Put the Vest on Him

Chucky and other K9 officers were gifted bullet and stab protective vests in 2016, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department shared on Facebook. The department wrote in November 2016: “Great news! … Bexar County Sheriff’s Office K9 Chucky and Rocket have received a bullet and stab protective vest thanks to a charitable donation from non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. …  K9 Chucky’s vest is sponsored by an Anonymous Donor and will be embroidered with the sentiment ‘This gift of protection provided by Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.'”

Sadly, Chucky’s handler didn’t have an opportunity to put the vest on Chucky before he was deployed, the Sheriff’s Office told KSAT. In a written statement the office said: “The on-scene commander made the decision to deploy the dog to address a deadly immediate threat to the public and officers. It does not appear the handler had an opportunity to put body armor on Chucky before the deployment.”

Chucky’s Deputy Wasn’t Sure How He Was Going To Tell His Family that Chucky Isn’t Coming Home

Chucky had been partnered with an unnamed deputy for two years, My San Antonio reported. Salazar said the deputy was having a tough time and was trying to come to terms with how he was going to tell his family that Chucky wasn’t coming home, KSAT reported.

Salazar said it was rough losing Chucky, My San Antonio reported. “That doesn’t make it any easier when that deputy’s got four legs. It’s a heartbreaking situation and these dogs are part of our family they are deputies as well. Chucky went out doing what he was brought here to do, to save lives. And he undoubtedly saved lives with what he was able to accomplish in his last moments.”

Renee Leal shared that K9 Rocco, a French Bulldog, came by Friday night to give his condolonces over the loss of Chucky. Rocco works with the San Antonio police. Leal shared the following photo on Facebook.

K9 Rocco

FacebookK9 Rocco

Officers Are Planning a Funeral with Full Honors for Chucky

There’s going to be a funeral for Chucky in the near future. A law enforcement procession escorted the K-9’s body to Becker Animal Hospital on Saturday morning. He’s going to be buried with full honors, KSAT reported.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office wrote today on Facebook: “Thank you, Bexar County. It has been a very emotional and busy morning, but the outpouring of support this agency has already received from the public has been amazing. We are deeply saddened for our fallen K9 Deputy Chucky, and for his handler, his human family, and the rest of the K9 unit. We are in the process of making funeral arrangements and will keep everyone apprised. We are planning full honors, in accordance with the ultimate wishes of Chucky’s handler and family. We will keep everyone posted.” 

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