AJ Applegate, Bill Bailey’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

AJ Applegate, Bill Bailey

AJ Applegate - Instagram Page AJ Applegate, Bill Bailey's Girlfriend

A porn star, who proved to be pretty popular, fell to his death, and readers everywhere expressed shock. Bill Bailey, 38, a young American actor, had been at a hotel in Mexico City when he died. Bailey had also been an army veteran, according to reports. Before acting in adult films, he had served in Iraq. Reports say that Bailey appeared in over 2,000 adult movie scenes.

More reports, including those reported on Heavy.com, released information about his cause of death and whereabouts. Many reports said that Bailey had been drinking. Reports also noted that Bailey had been with his girlfriend–AJ Applegate.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. AJ Applegate Traveled With Bill Bailey & Supported Porn Events With Him

Applegate worked in pornographic film, as did her boyfriend, Bailey. As a result, the two would sometimes patronize their industry’s films or events.

This time, reports say that Bailey and Applegate had traveled to Mexico City for the “Expo Sexo y Erotismo 2019.” The translation for this expo is “Sex and Eroticism Expo 2019.”

Just days before Bailey’s death at the Mexico City hotel in which they’d been staying, Applegate had chronicled some of the fun she said she’d been having in Mexico City.

“Day 1 of #exposexo was so much fun!” Applegate tweeted, above. “I’m so excited for today ? Come see me 3-10! Make sure to add my ? ajsapplebooty for all the #bts ? #mexicocity #mexico #ajapplegate”


2. AJ Applegate Is a Popular Adult Film Entertainer Too

From what appears to be Applegate’s Instagram account, she’s a very popular porn actress as well. Her account displays a count of 1.4 million followers, which could be an indication of her popularity in the adult film industry. The account appears to have faced some hacking losses and challenges on Instagram, with Applegate exclaiming in the above photo:

“OMG!! I’m so happy to have my account back ? Follow my backup account @ajsapplegates just incase [sic] IG decides to be bipolar agian [sic] ??‍♀️”

The Applegate account above does not feature many pictures of Bailey. Perhaps, as part of the norm in the adult film industry, photos of Applegate’s own burgeoning career in the adult film world dominate the @realajapplegate page.

As for her age, Applegate is not yet 30; she is reportedly 29 years old. Bailey had died at the age of 38. After the passing of Bailey in Mexico, the Secretariat of Public Security stated: “A 29-year-old woman from Florida in the US who was staying in the same hotel as her boyfriend, the victim, said that they were both in Mexico for professional reasons and to visit the sex expo.

3. AJ Applegate Is Also an Entrepreneur With an Online Clothing Store

As can be seen in many of her posts and IG endorsements, Applegate sold merchandise. “#CyberMonday SALE!!” Applegate announced in the Instagram post above. “My biggest sale of the year, and it only comes around once a year! 60% OFF my whole store ? Go check it out! ? Discount code: CYBER60 ajsmerch.com ? @ajsmerch”

Instagram provided a space for Applegate’s follower growth, pictures, and video recordings of the goings-on around her. Now, in the wake of Bailey’s death, her last post seems to have been made two days ago.

As of Wednesday, there’s been no word from Applegate, as she mourns the death of Bailey.

Making a statement on behalf of Applegate, talent agent, Randy Quintata said: “AJ would really love privacy right now, so if maybe our peers could not [offer condolences] on social media, it would help her during her time of mourning, while she makes arrangements with the family.”

4. Though AJ Applegate Was With Bill Bailey When He Died, Her Reps & Officials Report No Foul Play in His Cause of Death

AJ Applegate Bill Bailey

Local authorities and forensic workers searched for evidence around Bailey’s death. Reports say that they interviewed hotel staff, and an investigation into Bailey’s death continues.

“We talked to the US Embassy [and] we spoke to the family; we kept them in the loop,” Quintana said of the investigation into Bailey’s death, according to reports. “The US Embassy questioned everybody; they got the cameras; there was no foul play – it was an accident.”

Applegate had also informed authorities that Bailey had been drinking all day, in an all-day binging episode, before he fell over a railing in the fourth floor of the hotel at which he’d been staying with Applegate.

The above Twitter account stated in Spanish: “Me acabo de enterar que se murió Bill Bailey, el novio de AJ Applegate. Al parecer se cayó en la madrugada del cuarto piso en el hotel Grand Prix aquí en México. Estoy en shock, RIP.”

Translation [Google]: I just found out that Bill Bailey, the boyfriend of AJ Applegate, died. Apparently he fell at dawn on the fourth floor at the Grand Prix hotel here in Mexico. I’m in shock, RIP.

5. AJ Applegate, 29, Was in the Middle of Building Her Career Before the Bill Bailey Tragedy

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A post shared by AJ Applegate (@realajapplegate) on Oct 21, 2018 at 4:38am PDT

Applegate has been a pretty active public persona, often alerting her fans about public appearances, in a slew of jobs for the adult film industry and for various clubs, shows, and so on.

“This weekend!! ?,” Applegate wrote in her Instagram post above. “I will be dancing at the @hustlerbaltimore for the first time! I’m super excited, and can’t wait to meet all of you ? Come out! Show me some love! ? #baltimore #maryland #ajapplegate”

As another example of her growing career, she posted about appearing on a show called Dinner With Danni.

“I love being surrounded by beautiful women ?” Applegate posted. “Thank you so much @akadanidaniels for having me on the season finale episode of Dinner with Danni ? Can’t wait to watch it!”

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