Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 4 Situation ‘Resolved’

A possible security incident at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has been “resolved,” the airport says.

There were reports on social media of a possible evacuation and security incident at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. However, the airport explained that police were checking an item in Terminal 4 as a precaution. Police were diverting traffic at the airport during the investigation.

“UPDATE: The situation at Terminal 4 has been resolved,” the airport wrote on Twitter. “Operations are starting to return to normal. The B, C, and D Security Checkpoints are in the process of being re-opened. The PHX Sky Train is also resuming operations at Terminal 4, and all roadways have re-opened.”

Phoenix Sky Harbor airport earlier wrote on Twitter: “Terminal 4 Update: Police are currently checking out an item as a precaution. The B and C Checkpoints are currently closed. If you are in Terminal 4, the PHX Sky Train is not operating. A bus contingency plan is in place. Please go to door 9 or 2 door on Level 1 to catch the bus.” (However, one airport customer on Twitter later reported that people were eventually being let through to Concourses B and C).

The airport also tweeted before announcing the matter was resolved:

“Update: Passengers at Terminal 4 who need to use the PHX Sky Train, should use door 9 on Level 1 to access our buses.”

And: “UPDATE: Passengers at Terminal 4 who need to use the PHX Sky Train should continue to use door 9 on Level 1 to access our buses.” You can follow the airport on Twitter here.

A Telemundo journalist reported that the bomb squad was at the airport.

Here’s what you need to know:

Word of a Possible ‘Security Incident’ Quickly Spread on Twitter

According to ABC 15, “Two security checkpoints in Terminal 4 have been closed and other areas evacuated.”

“Evacuated at Phoenix Sky Harbor for a ‘security incident’. Better safe than sorry, but I have to catch my flight in LAX!” wrote one woman on Twitter.

A student meteorology student wrote, “I’m stuck at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport… concourses B & C have been evacuated due to a “security incident”… lots of confusion.”

“Bomb scare or something at Phoenix Airport? TSA agents just came all through concourse C screaming everybody get out almost caused a stampede. You think of a wrong way to do something and TSA will one up you every time,” a man wrote.