Andrea Gallagher, Eddie Gallagher’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts

Andrea Gallagher

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Andrea Gallagher is an entrepreneur and wife of Eddie Gallagher, the 39-year-old former Navy SEAL that has been charged with war crimes he allegedly committed in 2017. She has been a vocal defender and activist calling for the release of her husband since his incarceration in 2018.

Eddie Gallagher was arrested at Camp Pendelton on September 11, 2018 and charged with premeditated murder, attempted murder, obstruction of justice, and other offenses that occurred during his eighth deployment in Iraq in 2017. Other Navy SEALs have implicated him in the stabbing murder of an injured teenage ISIS fighter, shooting two civilians, and firing rockets and machine guns indiscriminately into buildings. He was recently freed ahead of his trial and united with Andrea.

“I feel like it’s a small victory on the way to the larger victory,” Andrea Gallagher said outside of the courthouse following Eddie’s release, “He’s now free because of the misconduct by these prosecutors.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’s Been an Outspoken Supporter of Eddie and Started the Popular #Freeeddie Campaign on Social Media

Andrea has been championing her husband’s cause ever since he was arrested. She has become a well-known media personality and her work has given her Husband’s case national attention.

She started a website, Justice for Eddie, that provides information, news, updates, and raises awareness for Eddie’s cause. Andrea also created the “Free Eddie” social media campaign on social media. The Facebook page for the campaign currently has over 30K followers.

In addition to social media, Andrea has appeared in several interviews on local and national TV stations such as Fox News to talk about Eddie’s case and her campaign to free him.

Her efforts caught the attention of President of Donald Trump who tweeted about Eddie and is considering giving him a full pardon.

Her website is raising donations for Eddie’s cause through the Navy SEALs Fund and she has put on several fundraising events in Florida, San Diego, CA, and Washington DC among others.

She is also posting the same content on her social media accounts for her business “The Better Business Babe”. Her Instagram account currently has 37K followers.

2. She Has three Kids with Eddie

Andrea has three kids with Eddie, 2 sons and 1 daughter. Her oldest son, Treven (18), posted on social media earlier this year to defend his dad and call out the Navy SEALs that turned on him. “You have to understand that SEALs aren’t what they used to be, all the badassery really doesn’t exist anymore because of shit like this,” he said in a series of social media posts. “The new generation of SEALs aren’t like those you see who have movies about them.”

Her daughter, Ava, is featured prominently in multiple photo shoots on her business’ Facebook page.

Their youngest son, Eddie Jr. (8), is the subject of most of Eddie Sr.’s Instagram posts.

3. She’s a Business Owner

Andrea Gallagher is the founder and owner of “Better Business Babe“, a company that specializes in coaching and consulting for women business owners.

In an interview with SDVoyager, Andrea described her business as “an all-encompassing network for empowering women in business. It’s your catalyst for connections and solutions, offering the support and resources female business owners need to achieve balance professionally and personally.” She added that they offer, “Strategic Brand Consulting, Life & Business Coaching, & Full-scale brand makeovers where we develop stunning brand identities and websites for women business owners”

Andrea has used her business’ social media pages to promote Eddie’s cause for the past 6 months.

4. She’s a Big Supporter of President Donald Trump

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?LEGAL UPDATE? • • TOMORROW~ our Defense team will finally confront this ILLEGAL PRE-TRIAL CONFINEMENT mess head on in a Motions hearing and directly question Comm Rosenbloom who has been subpoenaed???? • • What he is doing is wrong, illegal, unlawful and a direct usurping of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ?? @realdonaldtrump • • In addition for those of you that have been following our case for some time you may remember the name, Rosenbloom? That is due to the fact that after we asked him to have the case remain under Naval special warfare so that Eddie could receive a fair trial and be judged by a jury of his peers Rosenbloom immediately transferred the case to Navy Regions Southwest ? • • So he is – by his own doing no longer the CONVENING AUTHORITY ~ Yet his UNLAWFUL COMMAND INFLUENCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS……!!!!! • • Despite a direct order from the POTUS my Husband for over 2 1/2 weeks now has been placed on Arrest or Restriction tantamount to Confinement – confining him to room / building with his boarders ending at the sidewalk ?? • • They have ripped out all phones in his room, denied him a cell phone to call or FaceTime his children, denied him a laptop to review case discovery and prepare for his trial ?? • • He can’t walk and get food, or go to medical apts, or even get a haircut without Comm. Rosenbloom Threatening to throw him back in the brig. ?? • • In fact in the first 96 HOURS After the President ordered him to be released Rosenbloom threatened my husband FOUR times while my youngest son and I have been here to throw him back in the brig. • • >> The President said that Eddie should no longer be withheld from his family yet Rosenbloom instituted a 9 AM to 9 PM visitation for my son ??? So every night for the brief time we were there in San Diego I had to drag my son away from his father due to this overreach ? • • This is ILLEGAL or as the military likes to call it *unlawful* Command Influence / I guess that sounds better than what it really is – OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ??? • • Please help us fight this- visit JUSTICEFOREDDIE.COM {Link in Bio} and help us #FREEEDDIE ???Artwork by John Fleming

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Andrea and her family are big supporters of President Donald Trump. The president learned about Eddie’s case and has been a strong supporter of the Navy SEAL. Andrea and her kids have attended several Trump rallies while Eddie has been incarcerated. She also posted a photo of her oldest son wearing socks with the President’s face on them.

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President Trump is reportedly considering a pardon for Eddie and has shown his support to Andrea and her family.

5. Andrea Gallagher is Producing a Documentary on Eddie

Andrea posted a trailer for a documentary on Eddie to her social media pages. The documentary was originally posted on Time 4 a Hero’s YouTube page who is apparently producing the documentary. According to the “about” section on their page, Time 4 a Hero is “is a Veteran Nonprofit that provides stem cell therapy to SOF veterans. We help combat the hidden wounds of war, ptsd and TBI.”

The documentary is titled “Navy SEAL in the Crosshairs – The Eddie Gallagher Story” and the trailer features clips of previous news coverage and interviews talking about Eddie over some dramatic music. There has been no released date announced for the release of the documentary and the end title card on the trailer only says “Coming Soon” then directs viewers to Andrea’s website,

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