Crystal Danielle Ragland Shot by Huntsville Police: Report

crystal ragland

Facebook Crystal Danielle Ragland

Crystal Danielle Ragland was identified as the 32-year-old woman who died after an officer-involved shooting in Huntsville, Alabama.

The shooting occurred at 8:45 a.m. on May 30, 2019 at the Stadium Apartments in the 3200 block of Westheimer Drive. The officer who fired the fatal shot has not yet been named.

Here’s what you need to know:

Crystal Ragland Suffered From Mental Illness, Reports Say

crystal ragland

Crystal Ragland.

According to journalist Lindsey Connell, of WAFF-TV, “several people who live at the Stadium Apartments say the woman suffered from mental illness.” Authorities have not confirmed that information, however.

Online records show Ragland with addresses in Kansas as well as Alabama. Her Facebook page says she worked for a cleaning service. Another Facebook page indicated she went to J.O. Johnson High School.

A relative’s post on Facebook indicated that Ragland may have served in the U.S. military at one time. Ragland had the “biggest battle of all” protecting her siblings, the woman wrote.

“Praying for you and your family!” wrote a well-wisher in the comment thread.

Other people also expressed their pain over Ragland’s death on Facebook. “; Poor Crystal Ragland… smh smh,” wrote one woman.

Ragland Died After a Brief Confrontation

Crystal Ragland

Crystal Ragland

There was a brief confrontation, authorities confirmed. “Shots were fired. At least one of our officers did fire. She had been transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound,” said Lt. Michael Johnson in a news conference.

“We have multiple crime scene units on the scene,” he said. “The crime scene is outside the building. We have the general areas of this entire building roped off.”

He said police were looking for witnesses. “We will be reviewing body cam footage. That will take some time.” Initially, he said Ragland was in serious condition.

Johnson said police had received word that Ragland was a resident of the apartment complex.

Ragland Was Accused of Waving Around a Gun, Reports Say

Crystal Ragland

Crystal Ragland

Residents “had a weapon pointed at them,” said Johnson. “The residents claim she pointed the weapon at them.”

Police say that Ragland was shot by a Huntsville Police officer “when she was waving around a gun,” according to journalist Renata Di Gregorio.