First Tropical Storm of 2019 Could Form on Monday

First Tropical Storm of 2019 Could Form on Monday

National Hurricane Center This storm has a 70% chance of forming into a tropical cyclone on Monday. The storm would be named Andrea.

Although hurricane season doesn’t officially begin until June 1st, Tropical Storm Andrea could make an early appearance to the party.

According to the National Hurricane Center, there is a 70% chance that a subtropical or tropical cyclone could form Monday afternoon or Monday night.

“Broad area of low pressure located several hundred miles southwest of Bermuda has a 70% chance of becoming a short-lived subtropical or tropical cyclone later today or tonight,” the National Hurricane Center tweeted Monday afternoon.

Although the National Hurricane Center said, “the system currently lacks a well-defined center of circulation,” conditions are favorable for a short-lived cyclone to form.

If the storm’s winds reach 39mph or higher the storm will be named Andrea, per the World Meteorological Organization.

Although Andrea could form into a tropical storm, don’t expect her to be around for long, as meteorologists expect a cold front to break-up the storm, the NHC says.

According to meteorologist Tyler Mauldin, projections have the storm moving northeast, away from the United States.

The first storm of 2018 was Tropical Storm Alberto, which hammered the Florida panhandle, killing two in late May.

The NHC is sending an Air Force aircraft to investigate the storm.

The hurricane center is telling the people of Bermuda to keep an eye on the storm, as the tropical island could be in its path.

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