Kim Goldman, Ron Goldman’s Sister: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Kim Goldman, Ron Goldman’s sister, spoke out for the 25th anniversary of the murder of her brother and Nicole Brown Simpson Wednesday.

“I usually reserve the peace and quiet of the day to myself,” Kim Goldman told ABC News. “This is the year of confronting.”

She asked to meet O.J. Simpson, wanting the satisfaction of seeing her brother’s killer in shackles, she told the Los Angeles Times. She refused after he agreed to meet with her on the condition of signing a non-disclosure agreement to cover the conversation.

She launched a podcast, “Confronting O.J. Simpson,” June 12.

Wednesday morning she tweeted, “Today is about you big brother. You will always be my person.”

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Confronting O.J. Simpson’ Podcast Launched June 12

Kim Goldman launched a podcast, “Confronting O.J. Simpson,” June 12 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of her brother’s murder. The first two episodes were released. Listen to the podcast here.

On the podcast, she reads a letter she wrote to Simpson.

“Dear Mr. Simpson, Hello. It’s me, Kim, Ron Goldman’s sister. I’m sure it’s really weird to be getting a letter from me, but for years I’ve listened to what everybody else has to say about you – lawyers, the media – but never from you,” she reads on the podcast. “I’m wondering if you would sit down and talk to me. I just want to understand whatever can be understood.”

She said her interview was denied, but she still wants to have her questions answered.

“That’s a letter that I wrote to the man I believe brutally killed my brother. I was declined this interview but I still feel that need,” she said on the podcast.

To “confront” Simpson, her podcast includes interviews with jurors, prosecutors, witnesses and investigators. She also interviewed people who knew her brother to remember who he was before his name was in headlines, and to honor his life.

“Confronting this part of my life is something I still need to do. I want to confront the fear, the grief, the anger, the loss, the shame,” she said.

The murder of Ron Goldman and the trial of O.J. Simpson changed her life and the lives of her family members forever, she said.

She wrote on her blog about the emotions she confronted while compiling the podcast.

“These conversations are really powerful … learned a lot of new things … had some feelings confirmed … experienced lots of emotion … some bits of laughter … plenty of frustration,” she wrote.

Her Brother’s Murder Launched Her Advocacy Work

The murder of Kim Goldman’s brother, Ron Goldman, launched her advocacy work for victim’s rights. Before the murder, she was studying to be a child psychologist, she wrote on her website.

“After his death and subsequent trials, I left that goal behind and just did what I could to make it through each day and to slowly begin to rebuild my shattered life,” she wrote on her website. “I worked in television for a while but then found my happy place working in the non-profit sector; where I have stayed for more than a decade. I have a passion and commitment for assisting the under-served, which has provided me with so many different opportunities.”

Kim Goldman is also the founding co-chair of The Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice.

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