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Your cellphone may stop ringing multiple times per day, thanks to new rules that could put an end to aggravating robocalls! The Mega Millions drawing is happening later tonight, and several food chains are giving away free treats for National Doughnut Day.

Here’s what you need to know today in your daily roundup:

TOP STORY: Those Annoying Robocalls May Soon Go Away

We all hate robocalls. In 2018, Americans received 26.3 billion of those calls. The incessant ringing led many of us to simply stop answering the phone unless it was from a number already saved in our contacts.

Facing public pressure to do something about it, the Federal Communication Commission is taking action against robocalls. As of today, phone companies such as Verizon and AT&T are now legally permitted to automatically block robocalls. In the past, users had to opt-in to these plans. The FCC says, “This action empowers providers to protect their customers from unwanted robocalls before those calls even reach the customers’ phones.” You can read the full news release from the FCC here.

There is a caveat that you should know about. Phone companies may increase rates in order to pay for the call-blocking programs. Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said that while she supported the measure to more aggressively block robocalls, she felt the agency could have gone further. In her dissent, published by ARS Technica, she wrote, “There is nothing here that prevents companies from charging each of us whatever additional fees they want to put this call-blocking technology on our line… I am disappointed that for all our efforts to support new blocking technology, we couldn’t muster up the courage to do what consumers want most—stop robocalls and do it for free.”

Verizon quickly came out in support of the FCC decision. The company said in a statement that it “intends to take advantage of the new flexibility the FCC is giving us. With the help of these new FCC rules, we’ll be able to provide our customers the benefits of spam alerts and blocking more broadly and conveniently.” But it’s also worth noting that while phone companies are now allowed to automatically block robocalls, they are not required to do so.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Halle Berry Dishes While Chowing Down on Spicy Chicken Wings

Halle Berry Refuses to Lose to Spicy Wings | Hot OnesHalle Berry is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, with a storied career in film that spans more than 25 years. You can catch her starring alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3, which is currently in theaters and premiered at #1 at the box office. But how is she with spicy food?…2019-06-06T15:00:07.000Z

Halle Berry’s wide-ranging interview on “First We Feast,” a food-culture channel on YouTube, has fans buzzing. And it’s not just because she proved she can handle spicy chicken wings. You can watch the full interview in the video embedded above.

Berry revealed a secret from the night of her Oscar win in 2002: she doesn’t remember much of the evening! She admitted that after accepting the “Best Actress” award for “Monster Ball,” she celebrated hard. Berry told host Sean Evans, “I don’t remember any of it, none of it. Very shortly after I got that statue, I became inebriated to the point that the whole night is a wash.” Berry was the first African-American woman to win “Best Actress” at the Academy Awards.

Berry also talked about how fans reacted when she played “Catwoman” in 2004. She said even though the movie was not received well by critics, there was still love for the character, Berry said. “So many people come up and they say, ‘I don’t care what anybody says, I loved Catwoman.'”

Berry’s most recent movie, “John Wick 3” alongside co-star Keanu Reaves, is in theaters now.

OFF-BEAT: Tamagotchi Cyberpets Are Making a Comeback


November 27, 2013 Japanese toy giant Bandai employee displaying the new Tamagotchi virtual pet toy release “Tamagotchi Friends.”

They were all the rage in the 1990s– those virtual pets that you could carry around in your pocket and bring back to life by pushing a small button on the back of the device. Now, the Tamagotchi is making a comeback!

The popular toy has also received a major makeover to bring it more in line with the 21st century. The new device, called Tamagotchi On, includes a much larger color screen and has the capability to interact with other devices. Animator and tamagotchi fan Jose Placeres told CBS News that he views the revamped product to Pokemon Go, but that it is “less intrusive.” He told the network, “It would be really cool to be going along your day and randomly stopping by to sync your pet with a stranger for a play date or to send each other items.”

The Tamagotchi On will be available in stores on July 28. It can also be pre-ordered on sites including Amazon and Target.

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