Lil Xan Pulls Gun on Man for Mocking him over Tupac Comments

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22-year-old rapper Lil Xan got into an altercation with an unidentified man at a gas station in Los Angeles late Friday night around 10 PM. The fan was apparently ribbing the young performer over comments he had made in 2018 when he referred to Tupac’s music as “boring”.

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You can’t hear the “tupac” comments in the video as it starts with the random bystander antagonizing Xan after he had said his initial comments. “Look at the little b**** homie” and “Do something then dog!” Once the man calls Lil Xan a “b****” the rapper flies off the handle, dropping the N-word and pulling out a semi-automatic handgun. “What the f**k you want, bruh? Get the f**k out, n***a!” His girlfriend Annie Smith tried to get Xan into the car and screams at the man “You started it, you dumb f***!”

The man backs up after Xan pulls out a gun but seems unfazed as he continues to provoke the rapper by asking him to pull out the gun again and continuing to call him a “b****”. He also loudly proclaims to anybody within earshot that Xan is pulling a gun out.

Lil Xan responded on social media with a post on his Instagram story. He claims his actions were self-defense and not an act of aggression.

Lil Xan Instagram (@xanxiety)

The unidentified man filed a police report with the LAPD and TMZ is reporting that detectives are investigating the incident and have reviewed the video.

Lil Xan made headlines in 2018 after he rated Tupac’s music as a “2” out of 10 and called the late rapper “boring” during an interview.

The comments caused outrage among some rappers and fans including Waka Flocka Flame who said “Lil Xan is banned from hip hop”

The comments seemed to be water under the bridge to most people until this recent altercation. Lil Xan responded to the renewed interest in his interview comments on his instagram story saying “F*** all you old head a** b****** still talking about that tupac s***” imploring people to live their own lives and “stop picking on a kid”.

Xan has been confronted about his Tupac comments before. In 2018, he was asked about his comments by several fans and responded calmly and rationally, explaining that the media “twisted my words” and saying Tupac was a “legend”. Even when one fan says he “ain’t nowhere near Tupac” the rapper is collected and gregarious in his response.

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But the public’s refusal to forget that fateful interview seems to be getting to Lil Xan as of late. He was involved in an altercation with a young fan at a food court in Texas over the Tupac comments. He also almost got into a fight at a mall in 2018 over the same issue.

Lil Xan FIGHTS at the MALL, goes off on RANDOM SHOPPER says “IM RICH your broke"Alfred talks about Lil Xan Reacts to almost scarping at the Mall Less then 24 hours ago a video started circulating online of Lil Xan arguing with a shopper at the mall but before the video ended Lil Xan had some words to say and fans are not happy Some Fans were shock over what Lil Xan was saying in the video As of right now Lil Xan has not responded or apologized This music update is packed with excitement and JOKES to keep my Fans laughing! If you Like the Video, Please click the LIKE button2018-10-10T17:40:50Z

This recent incident is the first time Xan has brandished a firearm or even been seen with one in public. After the first few fan dust-ups, he most likely bought it to protect himself.

The police have not released a statement or charged Lil Xan with a crime.

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