Valerie Mason: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Valerie Mason: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ouachita Parish Sheriff\'s Office Valerie Mason mugshot.

Former Playboy model Valerie Mason was arrested in Louisiana for meth possession over the weekend. She was with two others, Steven Munholland and Brandon Link, at the time of the arrest.

Mason was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, a schedule II felony. She was held at the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office.

She was released Saturday afternoon on a $3,000 bond.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Vehicle Mason Was in Was Initially Pulled over Because of a Faulty Brake Light

In West Monroe, Louisiana a police officer pulled over the car Mason and others were riding in because of one brake light was not working, according to the police report.

Steven Munholland was the driver, Mason was in the passenger seat and Brandon Link was in the back seat. Munholland was unable to provide identification, so the officer asked him to step out of the car.

Upon a routine safety pat down, the officer found two hypodermic needle caps on the person of Munholland. Hypodermic needle caps are often associated with meth, according to the police report.

2. Mason Was Then Found with Meth

After Munholland gave the officer permission to search the vehicle, Mason and Link were asked to exit the vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle, the officer found around two grams of meth in the door of the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer also found another hypodermic needle cap where Link was sitting.

After the three were read their rights, they all denied ownership of the drugs and materials the officer found. The officer then arrested all three and transported them to Ouachita county jail.

3. Mason Was a Playboy Playmate

In 2008, Mason appeared in the September issue of Playboy, according to the New York Post. She was the Playmate of the Month for September 2008, per The Sun.

She didn’t have any prior modeling experience according to The Sun, as she was recruited to Playboy after she sent in photos of herself to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

She also appeared in five episodes of E!’s television show The Girls Next Door, according to Mason’s IMDB page.

The Girls Next Door is a reality TV show which followed several different Playboy models who lived with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Mason appeared in five episodes which aired in 2008 and 2009.

4. Mason’s Last Instagram Post Was in November 2017

Although Mason was featured in Playboy as well as Playboy and E!’s hit reality show The Girls Next Door, Mason’s public image and modeling career hasn’t been the same since.

Mason’s last post to Instagram was on November 6, 2017 where she recorded a video of herself in a virtually edited face filter.

In the video, she appears to be blowing kisses to all of her fans.

She also uses her social media to advertise her Only Fans account, where users can subscribe to her account to view photos and videos of Mason.

5. Mason Is from Louisiana, the State She Got Arrested in

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According to Mason’s IMDB profile, she was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana – the same town where she was arrested for meth possession.

“Cute, buxom, and shapely brunette Valerie Denise Mason was born on January 29, 1988 in Monroe, Louisiana. Valerie was a cheerleader in high school and worked at an ice cream shop. Moreover, Mason trained as both a tap and ballet dancer,” Mason’s bio said.




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