WATCH: Newborn Baby Wrapped in Plastic Bag Rescued from Woods [Video]

WATCH: Newborn Baby Wrapped in Plastic Bag Rescued from Woods [Video]

Forsyth County Sheriff Baby India

Bodycam footage of a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag being rescued from the woods has been released.

The video released by the Forsyth County Police Department shows police arriving at the scene to rescue the newborn baby who was wrapped in a plastic bag and abandoned in the woods. Police can be seen cutting the baby free from the plastic bag.

The baby, who authorities have named India, still had her umbilical cord attached.

“We release this footage in hopes to receive credible information on the identity of Baby India and to show how important it is to find closure in this case,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.

India was found on June 6 off of Daves Creek Road in Forsyth County, Georgia according to Sheriff Ron Freeman.

Once deputies arrived on the scene, they performed first aid until India was able to be transferred to a nearby hospital.

An Area Family Could Hear India Crying from Their House

Officials were notified of India’s whereabouts by a family who lived close by to where India was abandoned.

Alan Ragatz and his three teenage daughters were drawn into the woods after hearing the loud cries of India.

The Ragatzs believe there was a higher power involved, putting them in the right place at the right time to find India.

“(We) grabbed our flashlights and we’re driving around and we’re, like, ‘That doesn’t sound like an animal,’” Kayla Ragatz told WSBTV.

Kayla and her sisters confronted their father telling him they thought there was a crying baby in the woods.

I said, ‘That’s got to be impossible. It’s a baby raccoon, deer or something,’” Alan Ragatz said.

“As we got closer, we realized it was a baby crying,” Kayla Ragatz told WSBTV.

“We went down, pulled it up. There was a poor little baby wrapped in a plastic bag, and we called 911,” Alan Ragatz said. “She was alive. She was crying, so we figured that was a good sign. Could have been worse. The credit goes to my girls. They were the ones sticking with it.”

Panic set in throughout the family who found India, as it brought them to tears, Kayla said.

Officials are now trying to find the mother of the infant. According to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the child is a Caucasian or Hispanic female.