West Point Armored Military Vehicle Accident, 1 Dead, 22 Injured

One cadet is dead, 20 cadets and two soldiers are wounded after a rollover of a military personnel carrier early Thursday morning, West Point confirmed. The injured have been transported to local hospitals. Details of the incident are under investigation.

A 5-ton ‘light medium tactical vehicle’ overturned during a training.

Emergency crews respond to accident near West Point Military AcademyEmergency crews respond to accident near West Point Military Academy2019-06-06T13:59:42.000Z

Orange and Rockland County Fire said it’s a mass causality incident, a personnel carrier rolled over, and that there are “20 patients” and five are “entrapped.”

Initial reports said that one cadet was “airlifted with serious injuries.”

“There has been an accident in the vicinity of the Camp Natural Bridge training site. Emergency vehicles are responding. Please avoid Route 293. More information will follow.”

The crash occurred on Route 293 and Natural Bridge Road in West Point.

Twenty-two are reported to be injured and were taken to local hospitals.

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