Alex Tyk: Denver Man Reported Missing in Portugal

alex tyk

GoFundMe Alex Tyk, of Denver, Colorado, has been reported missing in Portugal.

Alex Tyk, a 31-year-old Denver, Colorado man who worked for Hootsuite, has been reported missing in Lisbon, Portugal, and his family is trying to get the word out about his disappearance.

A GoFundMe page was established to help find him.

Alex Tyk has been missing since June 26, 2019. The GoFundMe page has raised more than $28,000. His mother Lynn Tyk told Fox 31: “I want him to know that he’s loved by so many people.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Tyk Disappeared While on a Solo Trip to Europe After Being Last Seen at a Beach Club

Alex Tyk

Alex Tyk

The GoFundMe page says that Alex Tyk “went on a solo trip to Europe and was last heard from by friends on Wednesday (June 26th). He was supposed to arrive to Barcelona from Lisbon on Friday, 6/28 to meet up with friends and never arrived. He was staying at Selina Secret Garden Lisbon and his belongings are still there, Alex is not. Alex’s last known whereabouts are at K Urban Beach Club (Av. Brasília, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal) on Thursday, 6/27 at approximately 3:30 am.”

The page continues: “Alex is the brother of my dear friend, Lesley, who is taking an emergency flight to Portugal today, July 1st, to search for him. We are starting the initial goal of $5,000 to cover her flights and to ease the costs of what will likely be an expensive search due to the need of many resources. Please consider donating to help bring Alex home.”

Friends have even messaged the Selina Secret Garden Lisbon on Facebook. One wrote, “Looking for MISSING AMERICAN ALEX TYK.Last seen stay at Selina’s Secret Garden and went in pub crawl (Wild Walkers) Weds night (June 26) to early morning thursday. Please DM-Looking for any information!!!!”

Fox 31 also reported that Tyk, 31, was last seen “at the K Urban Beach Club in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday, June 27.” His mom told Fox 31: “He never checked out of his room, which means he never made it back to the hostel after the pub tour.” The television station reported that Tyk’s luggage and passport were still at the hotel, and his cell phone is dead. His sister has flown to Europe to try to find him.

“I still have hope. He could be in a hospital. He could have been mugged. He could be in jail. It’s just hard to know when you don’t know anything,” Lynn said to Fox 31. “The worst thought is he fell in the water — it’s my biggest fear.”

According to Portugal Resident, the Urban Beach Club has previously had “extreme incidents of violence” and there is a report that a young man was seen “falling into the river between Urban Beach and Lust in Rio,” which is another club in the area. However, it’s not known whether this was Tyk or not. It’s not the first time someone has vanished from that club; João Medeiros, another patron, vanished in 2013.

Observador, a Portuguese publication, also wrote that it’s not clear whether Tyk is the man who fell into the water.

Tyk Has Worked for Hootsuite

alex tyk

Alex Tyk

According to his Facebook page, Alex Tyk “works at Hootsuite,” “lives in Denver, Colorado,” and is from Glenview, Illinois.

His Facebook page indicated an interest in travel. For example, in 2014, he wrote, “Is anyone interested in climbing Pico de Orizaba outside Mexico city in late December? I’d like to avoid paying for a guide but need someone to belay/glacier travel with.”

According to 9News, before Lisbon, he journeyed to London, Paris and “did some rock climbing in Fontainebleau.”

People with information on Alex Tyk can contact authorities or write A person who donated to the GoFundMe wrote on it: “Alex and I worked together for 2 years at Hootsuite. He is a wonderful person and I am so devastated to hear this news. I hope he returns home soon.”

“It’s every mother’s worst nightmare,” Lynn told 9News. “You know, can’t eat, can’t sleep.”

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