Twitter Notices Amy Klobuchar & Elizabeth Warren’s Matching Red Jackets at the Debate

Klobuchar and Warren


While people are watching the Democratic debates tonight, some viewers are getting distracted by how Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are dressed so similarly. Both are wearing red blazer and black shirts beneath, and they look like they tried to match. But other viewers are pointing out on Twitter that the men are dressed similarly too, so why should it matter? Here are some reactions and comments below.

Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar showed up in highly similar red jackets for the July 30 Democratic debate. They’re both dressed in red blazer and black shirt, so it looks like they match. People on Twitter noticed this right away.

Some fun memes grew out of their matching look.

This actually isn’t the first time they’ve had similar taste in clothing. Daily Beast once noted that Warren and Klobuchar own nearly identical turquoise jackets too. They both own turquoise jackets with three-quarter-length sleeves and collared jackets.

Other viewers pointed out tonight that it’s kind of hypocritical to care about how Warren and Klobuchar look alike, while the men are all dressed similarly too. Most of the men are in dark blue suits with blue ties and white or light blue shirts. The similarities are striking for some of the men.

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