Andrew Yang’s Boston Rally Draws Large Crowd: Photos & Videos

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Presidential candidate Andrew Yang had a big turnout for his Boston rally at Cambridge Common Park on Monday night, September 19, 2019. The Democratic candidate for President has been making a stir, quickly qualifying for the September and October debates and getting $1 million donations since the debate last week. Here are photos, videos, and stories from his recent rally in Boston.

Yang’s Boston Rally Was Packed on Monday

Many people attending Yang’s rally wore “MATH” campaign hats, one of the slogans for the entrepreneur’s campaign. Others held large poster-sized currency to demonstrate Yang’s UBI (Freedom Dividend) plan of giving every American $1,000 a month.

Yang’s rally was technically in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but it was billed as a Boston rally. Some people pointed this out on Twitter, but Boston is really just a few miles away from Cambridge Common Park.

Yang told the crowd that Trump’s solutions were “garbage and nonsense.” He said the economy needs to be accelerated quickly. “I am the ideal candidate for that job because the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math,” he told the crowd. This is one of Yang’s favorite lines that he’s shared during debates too.

Yang has recently outpaced other candidates in the polls. A New Hampshire poll of Democratic primary voters showed Yang at 5.2 percent, ahead of Pete Buttigieg who polled at 4.5 percent, the Boston Herald shared.

If you missed the rally, you can watch it in the video below. Yang begins speaking at 38:40 in the video below.

CBS News reported that about 1,000 people were at the rally today.

CBS News noted that a mob “engulfed” Yang when he left the stage and police officers had to help him get safely back to his SUV. “I love you all!” Yang yelled as one person asked him to sign their laptop.

When asked about the time he’s given at the debates, Yang said they make maximum use of the time they’re given. “We’re not really beholden to whatever amount of air time we’re given on the debate stage,” he said. “…I got a lot of work done in eight minutes as … we raised over a million dollars and almost half a million people have signed up for the Freedom Dividend.”

Elizabeth Warren had a rally tonight in New York near Yang’s home.

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Many People Shared Their Stories About the Rally on Social Media

A lot of people shared their experiences on social media. Here’s a thread from Reddit.

Here are more photos from the rally.

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One person accidentally ended up at the rally.

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Another person convinced his parents to go.

The crowd was large.

One man in a wheelchair had trouble getting to the front, so Yang’s staff opened the fence so he could go straight to the front and meet Yang in person.

Many people shared crowd photos on social media.

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And other fun photos were shared too.

Yang’s next rally will be Tuesday, September 17 in Philadelphia. Then he will host a rally on September 26 in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Another rally is scheduled for Nashua, New Hampshire on September 27.

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