Mary Granados: A Tribute to the Odessa Postal Worker Shot

mary granados

GoFundMe Mary Granados

Mary Granados was named as the Odessa, Texas postal worker who was shot and killed by a gunman who went on a random shooting rampage after a traffic stop. He hijacked her postal vehicle. She was remembered by a friend as “beautiful inside and out” and by her twin sister to CNN as “just such a good person.”

Authorities have not formally identified the shooter’s victims. In a news conference, authorities said 25 people were shot. They also said seven people had died not counting the gunman. Leila Hernandez, 15, a high school student in Odessa, has been named as one of the deceased victims by her family and friends. The shooter was now named as Seth Ator.

Family and friends have named two of the wounded victims as Zack Owens, a Midland police officer, and Anderson Davis, a 17-month-old girl.

Her twin sister described her as hard-working, beautiful, and always smiling. “She would never try to hurt anybody,” Rosie Granados told CNN. “I want people to know that she…worked really hard because she was very responsible.” She called it the “worst pain” anyone could ever go through. “I wish she could be here with us.”

Here’s what you need to know about Mary Granados:

Mary Granados Was Remembered as Always Having a Smile on Her Face

mary granados

Mary Granados

A friend started a GoFundMe page to help the family of Mary Granados.

“This campaign is to help the family with expenses for the memorial/funeral of Mary Granados, the Letter Carrier in Odessa who was murdered and carjacked while working during today’s mass shooting in Odessa, TX,” the page says.

“I started this campaign on behalf of the family to help them some way during this difficult time, with permission from her twin sister Rosie Granados, who will make sure funds are use accordingly. I had the privilege to work with Mary before she started her career at USPS, she was beautiful inside and out, with a great heart and always ready to be a friend, always had a smile on her face! Keep her family in your prayers.”

Granados’s Twin Sister Was On the Phone With Her When She Died

Daily Beast reported that Mary lived with her sister. Rosie Granados told CNN she was talking to Mary on the phone when she was killed. “It was very painful,” Rosie Granados said, according Daily Beast. “I just wanted to help her and I couldn’t I thought she had got bite by a dog or something. I tried calling her name and she wouldn’t answer.” She eventually found her sister after piecing together her mail route, Daily Beast reported.

A man who donated wrote that he used to work with Mary: “I used to work with Mary she trained me my first day. She was the sweetest person may she Rest In Peace,” he wrote.

Neighbors Tried to Save Mary’s Life

Horrific eyewitness accounts have emerged about what happened to Mary Granados. They say the gunman hijacked her postal vehicle. Before he did that, he shot her in the hip and then another time, according to NewsWest9. A neighbor who is a nurse tried to help Mary but it was too late, the news site reports. “No no please!” she was heard saying.

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