North Carolina Hurricane Dorian Outage Map

Downed power lines


Duke Energy estimated 700,000 of its customers could possibly lose power in the Carolinas as a result of Hurricane Dorian. That was two days ago. Now, with Dorian making landfall in Hatteras, it’s being reported that in North Carolina, more than 100,000 are without power.

In total, across North Carolina, as of Friday late morning, there are some 230,000 without power as Dorian slammed the Outer Banks and is wreaking havoc along the coastline.

For some, a power outage is an inconvenience, at best, and for others, life threatening at worst. People who require electrically-powered medical equipment for example would be particularity vulnerable.

Here is a state-wide map of power outages.

Most of the customers expected to be affected by power loss as a result of Dorian, are Duke Energy customers.

Here’s what you need to know about power outages and restoration:

Here’s How to Report Your Power Outage. Don’t Assume the Utility Knows You’re Without Electricity

The whole block is without power so the utility company knows that, right? Maybe not. Power companies find out there’s an outage when it’s reported.

So when the lights go out, let Duke Energy know right away.

Duke customers call 800-769-3766 or go online and report it when the lights go out.

The Duke Energy Power Outage Map is Updated Every 15 Minutes. The NC Electric Co-op Outage Map is Similarly Updated

The Duke Energy interactive, area-wide outage map shows where all the outages are. Customers can search by zip code, street address or can check entire towns, cities, counties, indeed, the entire Duke Energy coverage area.

It’s also the place the utility reminds people that they need to report their outages.

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