Courtney Kube: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

courtney kube

Twitter/@ckubeNBC NBC News Correspondent Courtney Kube

Courtney Kube is a journalist for NBC News covering the Pentagon and national security issues.

She is also a mother and one of her sons adorably interrupted an interview live on MSNBC on October 9, 2019. Kube’s son walked up to the set as she was discussing Turkey and Syria. He reached up to grab his mother’s attention and was heard saying “Mommy!” Kube smiled and explained to viewers, “Excuse me, my kids are here! Live television” before finishing the report.

The clip has quickly gone viral, attracting more than one million views on Twitter within a few hours. Kube later told NBC, “Breaking news in Syria didn’t line up with preschool drop-off, so he and his twin brother were with me.”

Kube has been with NBC News for her entire professional career.

Also on October 9, Kube was identified as one of two journalists to whom U.S. Defense Intelligence counter-terrorism analyst Henry Kyle Frese allegedly leaked documents related to North Korea. You can read more about that case here.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Courtney Kube Originally Planned to Become a Doctor But Changed Her Major After Doing a Summer Internship at ‘Meet the Press’

Courtney Kube spent the majority of her college experience studying biology and planned to become a doctor. But she changed her major during her senior year of college at the University of Michigan. A summer internship had altered her plans.

Kube explained to Politico in 2018 that the summer before her final year of college, she decided to switch up the script and “do something… outside of my normal science and biology world.” She interned for the political program “Meet the Press,” which is based at NBC News’ Washington bureau. Kube told the website that she was “hooked” from the start of the internship.

2. Courtney Kube Began Her Career Covering Politics But Shifted to the Pentagon After Deciding That She Needed a Change

Courtney Kube says her first paid job after graduating from college was back at NBC News in Washington. She explained to PR Week in 2006 that she began as a desk assistant, before moving up to a production assistant position.

Kube then worked her way up back at “Meet the Press.” She started as a researcher and eventually was promoted to associate producer. Kube told PR Week that she loved the job and working alongside Tim Russert. But she decided she wanted to do something different following the 2004 election, explaining that “politics can really drain you. You can burn out really quickly.”

A few months after requesting a change, Kube earned a position as a producer covering the Pentagon. In November of 2009, she was promoted to National Security Producer. She stayed in that role for the next six years, according to her LinkedIn page.

Kube became an on-air reporter in 2017, covering the Pentagon and national security issues. She was named as an NBC Correspondent in May of 2019.

3. Courtney Kube’s Husband, Eric Dent, Is a Marine

Courtney Kube has been married to Eric Ray Dent since 2013, according to his Facebook page. Dent’s profile includes several photos featuring him wearing his field uniform during his time spent serving in the Marines.

Dent wore his dress uniform when he tied the knot with Kube. Dent wasn’t shy about publicly sharing his affection for his wife on social media. He added comments to photos shared from the wedding such as, “She is the most beautiful bride I could’ve ever imagined” and “She is amazing on every level. I am the luckiest fellow ever.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Dent has been working on public relations and strategic communications for the Marines since at least 2003. He currently has two active roles listed: Public Affairs Officer for the 36th and 37th Commandants and Director of Communications for the Fincantieri Marine Group.

4. Courtney Kube & Husband Eric Dent Attended Rival Universities: the University of Michigan & the Ohio State University

There may be some disagreements in the Kube-Dent household over which team their two children will support as they grow up. Courtney Kube is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Eric Dent, meanwhile, has a bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University. The two schools have a legendary rivalry, especially when it comes to football.

Dent shared a photo of Kube while she was pregnant in 2014, wearing a shirt that said “Future Wolverine” with an arrow pointing to her stomach. They ended up having twin sons.

Kube joked to Politico in 2018, “Football season can be tense, but somehow we make it work.”

5. Courtney Kube’s Older Sister Is a Teacher Living In London, England

Courtney Kube is the younger of two sisters. Her sister, Gretchen Kube-Clare, lives in London, England. She teaches English at Dulwich Prep London, an all-boys school for elementary and middle school students. In the Politico interview referenced above, Kube noted that her sister has two daughters.

Kube referred to Bethesda, Maryland as home as well in that piece. A search of online records suggests that her parents also still live nearby.

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