Greenville Shooting at Party Venue: Scanner Audio

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A shooting in Greenville, Texas, about 16 miles from Texas A&M Commerce University, left multiple people injured, with early reports saying there were casualties, possibly at a Homecoming Party taking place at a party venue. You can listen to the initial scanner audio dispatches later in this article.

“There has been no active shooter situation in Commerce. There was an event outside Greenville, TX that may or not have involved students at this time. Further information will be posted when known,” Texas A&M-Commerce University Police Department wrote on Twitter.

In a news conference, the sheriff stated that the suspect is at large and witness accounts are not being helpful enough. He also said that 12 people were shot and 2 people were killed. The party was set up by Good Fellows, a group including some Texas A&M students. It was not an official campus event and was held off campus.

The shooting broke out after midnight on October 27, 2019. However, the motive for the shootings, including whether they were random or a targeted attack, was not yet clear. The suspect has not been named, and it’s not clear whether the person is in custody.

The scanner traffic dispatches captured officers indicating that multiple people were shot – as many as seven, one officer stated – although later reports say far more may be injured. The dispatches also confirmed the address as the address of a facility called the Party Venue, which is about 16 miles from the university. The shooting occurred in Hunt County, Texas, so the lead agency is the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department. A person was shot in the neck, according to the scanner traffic, in which officers stated that there were “multiple people shot” and “multiple victims.”

WFAA-TV reporter Jason Whitely wrote on Twitter that at least two people were dead and more than a dozen wounded at the hands of a .227 caliber rifle wielding suspect. Authorities had yet to give an official account of what occurred.

However, a horrific video widely circulated on social media that showed bloodied bodies lying on the ground, while civilians tried frantically to save their lives. Social media reports flooded in of people saying that they knew people who were shot or killed.

Here’s the scanner audio, courtesy of The first call comes in around 25 minutes into the first file, and the dispatches continue into the second file.

Here’s what you need to know:

Authorities Had Not Confirmed Victims’ Names But People Shared Information on Social Media

Authorities had not released the name of the suspect or the victims. They also had not given any details about what occurred.

However, on social media people described relatives being wounded and a neighbor being killed. “My neighbor (name deleted by Heavy) son was attending a party at a establishment tonight 10/26 in Greenville TX,” wrote one woman on a GoFundMe page for a victim’s family. Because authorities have not confirmed the names of victims, Heavy is not linking to the page at this time, or naming the man.

“He’s a young father & just started his adult life… He was with his younger brother & friends @ the party when gunfire broke out & several people were shot,” the woman wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“There is videos of it all over Facebook. She is a personal friend of mine & a tenant at the complex I manage & MY UPSTAIRS NEIGHBOR. Tonight when I got home I heard her & her teen children screaming threw (sic) the walls & I ran up there. Her baby girl fell in my arms and just screamed for her brother. He wasn’t at the party causing problems he DIDNT have a altercation with anyone he was a victim to a random shooter along with 4/5 other people.”