What Happened to the Baby on ‘The Walking Dead’?


While you’re watching Season 10 Episode 2 of The Walking Dead tonight on AMC, you may be wondering exactly what happened to the baby from last season that was with The Whisperers. The baby plays a central role in tonight’s episode, but some fans will have a tough time remembering just how that storyline ended. Read on for a refresher.

This article will have spoilers for Season 10 Episode 2 of The Walking Dead.

Connie Saved the Baby from the Walkers

In Season 9 Episode 11, Alpha and the Whisperers showed up at Hilltop and brought a small baby with them, much to the group’s shock.

When the baby started to cry, attracting the attention of the walkers, Alpha told the mother to put her baby on the ground and leave it. The mother didn’t want to do it, but she obeyed Alpha and did as she was told.

“If the mother can’t quiet the child, then the dead will,” Alpha said, not at all apologetically.

It was a horrifying moment, showing just how dedicated the Whisperers are to obeying Alpha no matter how much it hurts. It showed how much control she has over them, and it also showed just what the Hilltop group and the rest of the allies are going to be up against.

But while the Whisperers obeyed Alpha’s commands, the Hilltop crew couldn’t just sit back and let that happen.

Connie was hiding, trying to keep her identity secret from the group. She revealed her location and grabbed the crying baby and went running into the corn fields. Since she can’t hear, this was a tough decision and a tough move for her. She couldn’t hear the walkers approaching her as they were drawn to the sounds of the crying baby in her arms. And she couldn’t hear the Whisperers as they tried to find her by following the walkers.

Connie put her life at risk to try to save that baby.

Daryl and Connie’s friends showed up just in time to help her escape.

Here’s the video of what happened.

The moment when Alpha made the mom give up her baby will come back to haunt her in Season 10 Episode 10. The mom is suffering some major PTSD type symptoms because of what she did.

The baby was later adopted by Tammy Rose and Earl Sutton. They decided to raise the baby, whom they named Adam Sutton, as their own.

Sadly, Tammy Rose was one of the people killed by Alpha in the second-to-last episode of Season 9. She was one of the people who was killed and her head ended up on a spike at the end of the episode.

Now it appears that Tammy’s husband Earl is raising Adam by himself (with the help of the community, of course.) When Siddiq told everyone about the killings, Earl could be seen holding baby Adam while he listened.

You can see that scene with Siddiq’s speech in the video below.

So Adam the Whisperer’s baby is still alive, being raised by the people that the Whisperers are fighting.

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