EZC Pak on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


The EZC Pak, as featured on 'Shark Tank'.

Tonight, the EZC Pak, which is the first physician-formulated tapered immune support pack, will be presented to the sharks on an all-new episode of Shark Tank.

What do we know about the product? What is it composed of, and what does it do? Here’s what you need to know.

1. It Is Intended to Address The Problem Of Antibiotic Overuse in Colds and The Flu


According to the Pharmacy Times, the EZC Pak is the “only physician-directed, over-the-counter dose pack in the cold and flu category.” It was created by Dr. Sarath Malepati, a California-based physician and Medical Director of the PPC Group.

As the product’s website notes, over the past decade, Malepati noticed that antibiotic resistance rates have steadily been increasing. He, therefore, sought to create a product that addressed this issue.

Composed of Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, the EZC Pak is an immune support product that can be used in place of antibiotics typically used during the cold and flu season. It is a National Partner of the CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware Initiative. It is a 5-day tapered immune support pack that aids the immune system, and “relieves pressure for unnecessary prescriptions.”

Malepati is a former faculty member at Georgetown University’s School of Medicine. He was also a health care policy fellow at the National Institute for Health Care Management. Today, he is the CEO and Medical Director of the PPC Group, a California-based health team focused on improving patient care and public health.

2. The Product Has Won Four National Retail Awards in the past 24 Months


The EZC Pak is currently riding a wave of success, having won four retail awards in the past 24 months, including the Buyer’s Choice Award in 2017 and 2018 at the ECRM DSN National Cough, Cold & Allergy Conference.

Dr. Malepati shares, “Shark Tank is perhaps the most competitive process I have ever participated in. It is not an easy journey. We appreciate the opportunity to present EZC Pak and our mission of eradicating antibiotic overuse to the Sharks and Shark Tank fans around the world this cold and flu season. I hope you tune in.”

He adds on, “We like doing the right thing, encouraging our friends and colleagues to do the right thing, and collectively seeing our patients get better. Ultimately, EZC Pak is about helping people.”

3. It Is Sold for $19.99


You can purchase the EZC Pak for $19.99 on the company’s website here. A 2-count value Pack retails for $35.99.

Thus far, reviews for the product are promising. Doctor of 40 years Grace Barzaga shares, “During this past flu season, I took EZC Pak for 5 days and had speedy results. I was able to see 30 patients in one day! I was even able to attend several events over the weekend!” Software Engineer Jon F. Daily adds, “It’s clear that a lot of thought went into designing this product. The ingredient quality of EZC is high and the dosing is strong. I like that there is no added sugar. This is a wonderful product that I will continue to use and recommend.”

Today, the EZC Pak can be found at Kroger, CVS, Health Mart, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Smith’s, Fred Meyer, and Giant Eagle, among others. Visit a store locator here.

4. It Was Named to DatabBird Business Journal’s 2019 List of Best Companies for Women


In September, the product was named to DataBird Business Journal’s 2019 List of Best Companies for Women.

Malepati shared in a statement, “As an early stage company, it is a tremendous honor to be named to DataBird’s list of Best Companies for Women in 2019 and we sincerely appreciate the recognition. We believe strongly in women’s empowerment thematically within our company culture, as I do personally as a parent to a young daughter. At EZC Pak, we have seen first hand the critical role that gender equality plays in building a successful enterprise and it is the type of world we want to live in. We continue to consciously nurture a work environment that provides equal and open access to resources and opportunities to all individuals across the organization as a core driver to our forward growth and success.”

According to a CVS article included as part of the company’s blog page, the product will be sold in over 16,000 stores this upcoming flu season, which is “doubling its 2018 retail footprint.”

5. Dr. Malepati’s Goal Is to Cut Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescriptions in Viral URI’s by 20% in 2019


Asked during an interview with the DataBird Journal what his goal for 2019 is, Dr. Malepati shared, “I want to see EZC Pak adoption cut inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions in viral URI’s by 20% this year. It’s an aggressive, but achievable goal.”

Asked what he would advise a younger version of himself to do differently if he could, he shared, “Your thoughts actuate your destiny. Start your day with a great thought. Roar like a lion. Follow this great thought with good thoughts throughout the day. Smile like an Angel.”

Be sure to tune into Shark Tank tonight at 9pm ET/PT, to see if the sharks will invest in the EZC Pak.

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