Clifford Brewer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

clifford brewer

Facebook Clifford Brewer with his wife, Shirley.

Clifford Brewer is a correctional officer accused in the triple murder of his wife, son, and neighbor on Christmas Day in Cullom, Illinois.

Brewer is 53 years old and is being held in the Livingston County Jail, according to jail records. He filled his Facebook page with political and other memes but also gushed on social media about his love for his wife. “The only person I’m afraid of is myself. That f*cker is crazy,” read one graphic that Brewer posted in 2016.

He’s now been charged with three counts of first degree murder by the Livingston County State’s Attorney’s Office. The victims were named by authorities as Norman T. Walker, 51, and Brewer’s wife, Shirley A. Brewer, 48, and his son, Christian A. Brewer, 27. Walker was Brewer’s neighbor, according to The Week. The murders occurred at a home in the 400 block of East Jackson in Cullom on Christmas Day.

Another post by Brewer was of a graphic that read, “This is America. We speak English. We drink beer. We eat meat. We own guns. We love freedom. If you don’t like it, tough sh*t!!!” Another graphic he posted read, “When do we get white history month?” He wrote with that graphic, “What about us. I’m just saying.” He shared someone’s photo of a large truck with a Confederate flag, and wrote, “I love it.” He also made it clear he opposed Hillary Clinton. He posted a cartoon jokingly showing Barack Obama giving a gun to a Muslim.

Cullom is a small community located in Livingston County, Illinois.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A GoFundMe Page for the Victims Describes the Tragedy as a ‘Long-Term Battle’ & Shirley Posted an Eerie Graphic on Her Facebook Page on Christmas Eve

GoFundMeShirley and Christian Brewer.

On Christmas Eve, just hours before her death, Shirley Brewer posted a now eerie graphic on her Facebook page. It read, “One day you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.” That same day, she also wrote on Facebook, “Its (sic) going to be a great day!”

On Facebook, she mostly posted about politics (supporting Donald Trump) and family. She was a mother and grandmother, according to her Facebook page.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to support the victims’ surviving family members. It contains photos of the victims and reads, “On December 25th, Shirley and Christian Brewer tragically passed away in Cullom, IL. This didn’t just affect my family but the community as well. We have over powering support and love from friends & family.” The couple had several children.

The page continues, “Unfortunately, this not only leaves our family devastated and heartbroken but financially strained as we have to prepare funerals for two people. We will also have to secure and close all of my mothers sic) assets house, cars and medical bills.”

It concludes: “This is a long term battle, no amount of money will ever fill the void left in my family. My hope is we can give them the memorial they deserve. I appreciate any donation and the continued prayers/thoughts for our family. No words can express my deepest appreciation.”

2. All Three Victims Were Shot After Brewer Got Into an Argument With His Wife, Police Say

christian brewer

Christian Brewer

According to The Week, Brewer is accused of shooting the three victims after getting into an argument with his wife on Christmas Eve. The site says that his last employment “was at the Pontiac Correctional Center.” WGLT-TV reports that Brewer is a correctional officer, a position he held since 2001.

He told police that he got into the argument with Shirley on Christmas Eve when he returned home from shopping. It spilled over into the early morning hours of Christmas Day. He is accused of telling police that Shirley called Walker so she could have a friend to talk to and claimed he fell asleep and woke up to find all three dead.

But police say he was washing clothes when they arrived. They are accusing Clifford Brewer of shooting all three victims to death, although the exact motive was not clear.

3. Christian Was Described by a Friend as an ‘Awesome Person’ & Shirley as ‘an Overall Funny & Nice Person’

shirley brewer

Shirley Brewer

Tributes from shocked friends flowed on social media. “Please help this family Chris was and is an awesome person we didnt really hang out much but we did grow up in the same town if you can help anything would be greatly greatly appreciated shirley was an amazing nana to my nephew and just an over all funny and nice person they both passed sadly but may they forever rip,” read one.

A man wrote, “RIP Christian Brewer and his mother Shirley who was the best woman to have coffee with.”

On Facebook, Christian Brewer’s page mostly shows old pictures of selfies and photos with his then-girlfriend. He also posted about sports and the Walking Dead. The page says he graduated from Tri-Point High School in 2011.

4. Brewer Once Called His Wife of More Than 25 Years as His ‘Best Friend’ in an Ode on Facebook & Ranted About Immigration & Politics on Facebook

Cliff and Shirley Brewer

On Facebook, Clifford Brewer posted memes, gushed about loving his wife, and ranted about politics.

In 2018, Cliff Brewer posted a photo showing a stuffed animal, craft hearts, and other items in the family’s kitchen. “To my bestfriend, loving wife, mother of my children. I just want to say I Love You more and more each day, dont ever think i dont. You r my everything SQUIRRELY. Lets keep the rude alive. I appreciate everything u do for me and all youve given up. WILD THING. WOO WOO,” he wrote.

In 2016, he shared a photo with Shirley and wrote, “It’s a post card moment with the love of my life. It still boggles my mind. 25yrs wow.” She wrote on one throwback photo he posted of her: “Awwee. I Luv u too . #soulmates.”

He sometimes wrote about politics on Facebook. “This is truly y the shut down happened. Dems and daca. Our pay for military is being held up for immagration (sic),” he wrote in 2018. “Its not the President. Until a bill is passed and placed on his desk to b signed or vetoed its all them. The illegal immagration should not b tied into the budget. These senators r using now only to use the budget as leverage. Theyve had years and different presidents to pass a bill fixing or atleast addressing the issue. Soo here we r… its all a joke. And u watch as the dreamer, chain migration, lottery, and just plain illegals unfold.. America will not b better off 10 years as all this stuff happening here unfolds. I love my country. I believe in having immagration and the chance for others to have this opportunity. But through legal means. Lets take care of us. Im proud and believe in all Americans as one. Stop being seperate (sic).”

Shirley posted this throwback photo showing her with Clifford, who responded in the comment thread, “I have not always been the best husband or the best provider early on but i have ALWAYS loved her. Shes my everything my best friend.”

Cliff and Shirley Brewer

He shared a joking meme of Hillary Clinton in jail.

In 2017, he ranted about millennials, writing, “This for all u millennium baby’s (sic) who got your hands out, wanting everything but un willing to work.” That same year, he added, “Time to celebrate. Veterans day. And sundays my birthday. Grilling out with my honey and BUD LIGHT. Woohoo.”

He also wrote: “Thank you to all that have served this great Country of ours, know that there are those of us who appreciate and will always respect your sacrifices . U.S. Army 8th Infantry Division, C1/39 th Infantry Bauhmholder,Germany 1985.”

Brewer also shared a photo of a man in a T-shirt that read, “In a world full of Kardashians, be a Gallagher.” He wrote with that picture, “I’m a Gallagher.” He also posted jokes about sex. In one post about Sheriff David Clarke appearing on Don Lemon’s show on CNN, he wrote, “I’ve always hated Don lemon. He is an instigator. This Sheriff sees right thru his bulls hit and ain’t having none of that black lives matter.. U MUST LISTEN.”

He sometimes posted throwback photos of Shirley, and she would write lovingly and teasingly back on his wall. He posted a meme comparing Hillary Clinton to Miss Piggy and making fun of Bernie Sanders.

5. Brewer Once Asked Friends to Post on Facebook How They Would Remember Him if He Died & Told Them There Was a ‘Crazy Evil Guy’ Pretending to Be Him

A post on Clifford Brewer’s Facebook page

Brewer once asked friends to post on Facebook how they would remember him if he died. Here are some of the responses he got:

“A lot of fun times at your mom and dad’s when we were younger. Do you remember the time we caught a bunch of lightening bugs and put them in a jar, then we took the lid off and put the jar in your dad’s truck?”

“I’d remember how I always looked up to you, riding around on the back roads, partying. Our days in Rockford working at Per Mar.”

“How you were allways there 4 me through the good and bad times.”

Brewer retorted: “YOU ALL HAVE THE WRONG GUY… see theres this crazy evil guy pretending to be me…ahh. sh*t …hhmm. the DEVIL made me do it. Lol.”

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