LIVE STREAM: Watch the Leaning Tower of Dallas’ Demolition Live

Amy Chien

The Leaning Tower of Dallas hasn’t come down quite yet.It was scheduled for a second attempt at demolition on Monday, February 25, 2020, but so far it’s still holding fast. See a live stream of the demolition attempts and the tower’s current state below. The photo above was taken by Amy Chien and shared with

Leaning Tower of Dallas Live Stream

According to KRLD 1080, the Affiliated Computer Services building has been holding fast. Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, the demolition company in charge of taking down the Leaning Tower, said they were going to work on bringing the tower down between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Central today. But as you can see, the tower has resisted the demolition efforts so far.

You can see a video of the Leaning Tower of Dallas below.

Crews use crane to remove ‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’The now-viral local sensation fittingly named "The Leaning Tower of Dallas" is scheduled to be brought down Monday morning.2020-02-22T18:26:23.000Z

The building was nicknamed the “Leaning Tower of Dallas” after a previous demolition attempt failed to bring part of the building down.

What’s left of the high-rise on Central Expressway and Haskell Avenue isn’t a threat to anyone, a Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition spokesperson told CBS DFW. The implosion happened early Sunday morning, but only part of the building fell. The spokesperson said this wasn’t unusual. “As with many demolitions, the core and elevator shafts require additional demolition measures, and we will proceed with conventional demolition efforts over the course of the week utilizing a crane and wrecking ball.”

Here’s the moment when the Leaning Tower of Dallas was born.

WATCH: Implosion Fails To Take Down Uptown Dallas Office BuildingThe high rise office building set for implosion in Uptown Dallas Sunday morning refused to come down.2020-02-17T00:44:24.000Z

Lloyd Nabors, president of Lloyd Nabors Demolition, told WFAA 8 that the building would be completely demolished by the end of Sunday, but that didn’t happen. He told WFAA 8: “It’s actually leaning in the direction to fall that we intended. It’s just a large parking lot– we have a lot of room, so we don’t have any safety concerns. We’re going to be taking it down from the backside, so we’re planning to have it come over in the parking lot, as planned.”

Here’s a photo from this morning, showing the wrecking ball near the Leaning Tower.

Amy Chien

What’s left of the 11-story building has inspired some very impressive photos, along with a lot of jokes and memes, including photos people took with the Leaning Tower as if it were a tourist attraction.

For some, visiting has become like a pilgrimage.

One person commented that now they believe the elevator shaft is the safest place to be in a tornado.

And now, people are celebrating that the building survived the first wrecking ball attempt.

It even inspired a petition to keep the building up and make it an official part of Dallas.

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