Is McDonald’s Open or Closed During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

is mcdonald's open or closed

Getty Is McDonald's open or closed during the coronavirus outbreak?

Is McDonald’s open or closed during the coronavirus outbreak? On March 16, 2020, McDonald’s Corporation announced that it was closing the seating areas in its restaurants across the country. However, customers can still get McDonald’s food through the drive-thru, walk-in take-out or McDelivery, depending on local rules and restrictions relating to coronavirus.

“During this time, it’s important that we are available for all guests who rely on McDonald’s,” the chain wrote. “To align with increasing regulations throughout the country, effective at the close of business today, McDonald’s USA company-owned restaurants will close seating areas, including the use of self-service beverage bars and kiosks, and shift our focus to serving customers through Drive-Thru, walk-in take-out and McDelivery…This decision allows for customers without access to a Drive-Thru and those unable to use McDelivery to continue to have access to McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s has also closed all of its PlayPlaces at U.S. locations.

Of course, in some areas, people are being required to shelter in place, are under self or other quarantine, or are subject to curfew. Check with your local jurisdiction for those rules as they differ throughout the country. Some states have ordered all restaurants closed, but some of those are allowing take-out and delivery options.

Here’s what you need to know:

McDonald’s Says It’s Redeploying Crew Members to Serve People Through the Allowed Options

“Ensuring the health and safety of our people and our communities is our highest priority as the United States quickly mobilizes to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our decisions are guided by expert local and national health authority guidance. Additionally, we are complying with all local and state restaurant restrictions, where applicable,” McDonald’s wrote in its March 16 statement.

“Our independent franchisees continue to focus on the needs of their local communities and make safe and caring decisions. Franchisees are strongly encouraged to adopt similar operations procedures while keeping the needs of their people and communities at the center of their decisions. This guidance is supported by franchisee leadership and is expected to be adopted by the majority of franchisees.”

McDonald’s added: “We are committed to supporting our people through these extraordinary times and anticipate most crew members with scheduled shifts will be redeployed to support serving customers in the Drive-Thru, carry-out and McDelivery.”

“It is remarkable how franchisees, suppliers, agencies and company employees have come together in recent days. During these uncertain times that impact all of us in personal ways, our ability to support each other, our people and our communities will ensure we emerge from this crisis stronger than before,” said Joe Erlinger, President of McDonald’s USA, in the news release.

“Franchisee leadership completely supports the decision to adhere to social distancing guidelines and ensure that large groups of customers are not gathered together inside our restaurants. We are committed to our role in supporting the communities in which we do business and protecting the public’s health by shifting our operations to Drive-Thru, walk-in take-out and McDelivery,” Mark Salebra, National Franchisee Leadership Alliance Chair, said in the release.

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