WATCH: Emmuhlu Saying N Word in Controversial Video

emmuhlu saying the n word

Instagram/Emmuhlu Emmuhlu pictured on her Instagram page on April 9.

Emmuhlu is the TikTok star who recorded herself saying the N-word. Emmuhlu has apologized for the video, calling her actions, “hurtful and blatantly ignorant.” Heavy has reached out to Emmuhlu for comment on the video.

On her TikTok profile, Emmuhlu boasts 1.2 million followers in addition to over 54 million likes. Emmuhlu goes by the moniker “Barb” on her profile. Emmuhlu writes in her bio section, “I need everyone to know that I am an earthworm.” On both her Instagram and TikTok profiles, Emmuhlu uses a photo of rapper Nicki Minaj as her thumbnail image. Emmuhlu describes herself as a “feminazi” on her Instagram bio section.

In the Video, Emmuhlu Says: ‘There N*****s All Over the Place’

Emmuhlu posted a lengthy statement to her Instagram page — which has since been deleted — on April 21 in which she admitted to the video’s legitimacy. The original video clip shows Emmuhlu driving while recording herself on her phone. Emmuhlu begins by saying the word “Die” eight times. Then she says, “Everyone f***ing die!” The camera then pans to outside the car when Emmuhlu says, while laughing, “N*****s. There’s n*****s all over the place.”

Emmuhlu Has Called Her Language in the Video ‘F*****g Atrocious, Unfunny & Hurtful’

In her apology on her since-deleted Instagram, Emmuhlu called her language, “f*****g atrocious and unfunny and hurtful and blatantly ignorant and deserves to be talked about.” Emmuhlu directly apologized to “black people” saying, “I don’t want to speak for any of your experiences, but I can only imagine how upsetting and disappointing this is.” Emmuhlu said that she did not want to make excuses for the video or to play the victim.

Emmuhlu went on to tell her 164,000 Instagram followers that she was “beyond ignorant” at the time of the recording. Emmuhlu added that she did not have “even a slither of the knowledge about the things that I do now and the things that I stand for and care about and detest with everything inside of me.” Emmuhlu continued, “The person that I am now is informed and aware and wants to fight for social and racial justice all the time and anywhere I can.”

The apology concluded with the words, “I’m so sorry to everyone that I’ve let down, I’m so sorry about the ignorant and hurtful language I used. The fact that I thought that was okay is mind-boggling. I hope that some of you see who I am now and know that this is sincere. I’m so sorry.”

She also posted a lengthy apology on TikTok, as well as the shorter apology seen above.

Emmuhlu Is Due to Release Her Song ‘Sick Girl’ on May 1

Emmuhlu Instagram


Going under the name Emma Lu, Emmuhlu is due to release her song “Sick Girl” on May 1. She announced the release of the song 24 hours before the controversy over the N-word video erupted.

Emmuhlu said in an Instagram post, “I’ve never done anything like this so I hope I don’t disappoint. I wrote this song last night and it’s very vulnerable and personal, I hope it reaches someone who can relate.”

Emmuhlu Has Been Identified as One the Many Liberal TikTok Users Who Have Been Accused of Bullying Donald Trump Supporters on the Platform

Two days before the scandal, Emmuhlu posted a photo on Instagram of a politically liberal pamphlet supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, climate science, women’s reproductive rights and gender acceptance. In the caption, Emmuhlu wrote in part:

I will never stop supporting and fighting for marginalized groups in America.

I understand that a lot of privileged people use being woke and not being racist and homophobic and having bare minimum compassion for the experience of marginalized people for attention and praise.

In late March 2020, a petition was circulated on demanding that Emmuhlu be removed from TikTok because of her alleged bullying of a Donald Trump supporter. At the time of writing, the petition had 200 signatures.

Also in March 2020, Paper Magazine named Emmuhlu as one of the TikTok activists who was using the platform to spread liberal political messages ahead of the 2020 election.

The magazine said that users such as Emmuhlu were bombarding conservative TikTok activists with comments supporting former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and remarks that were critical of President Donald Trump. The group’s slogan is “Barbz4Bernie,” a reference to Nicki Minaj.

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