WATCH: People Attack Motorists’ Cars on East San Jose Highway in Viral Video

A viral video shows people attacking motorists’ cars on a highway in East San Jose, California as protests escalated into the Minneapolis death of George Floyd.

The mayor of San Jose appeared on CNN and called for the community to “muster our collective character.” According to CNN, the California protesters smashed car windows and halted traffic on the freeway.

The Facebook page Proud to be from East San Jose shared the video, writing, “East San Jose protesters vandalizing people’s cars on the freeway, trying to drag people out of their cars and blocking traffic.” The video shared by the site showed a man trying to smash the window of a vehicle with people inside it, and it showed another person pounding on a different car window. Watch:

Other videos also emerged.

Here’s another view.

Heavy contacted San Jose police about the incident but didn’t get a response back. “What is all this about?” one man demands to know on the video. Other scenes show people spilling out onto the freeway and stopping cars. At other points, they repeatedly chant, “George Floyd, George Floyd.” George Floyd is the Minneapolis man who died after a police officer restrained him by putting his knee to Floyd’s neck. Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin was fired by the department and was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Since a viral video on Floyd’s death was released, protests and riots have broken out throughout the United States. In Minneapolis, businesses were torched and looted.

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“We’re angry as well, and we’ve made that clear. We’ve allowed peaceful protest. But we will not tolerate lawlessness,” Chief Eddie Garcia wrote on Twitter about the situation in San Jose.

Here’s what you need to know:

Protesters Shut Down the Freeway in San Jose

According to ABC 7, protesters shut down Highway 101 in San Jose on May 29. “Anger and peaceful protests will always be appropriate responses to injustice, but violence will never be and we’re going to ensure that it’s not violent,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo to the television station.

ABC 7 also reported on a “moment of solidarity” between one motorist and protester, which you can see above.

There were troubling incidents throughout the day. At one point, an SUV ran over two protesters.

The Proud to be from East San Jose post has drawn more than 45,000 comments. Here are some of them:

“Unbelievable! What is wrong with these people,they’re out of control! There needs to be something done, what makes them think they can terrorize citizens for something they have nothing to do with it!”

“This is not the way to protest,” wrote another woman. “I don’t think what the officer did was right. I believe he knew what he was doing…but this is wrong on so many ways.”

“We are not perfect, we will make mistakes, we are not claiming victory, but this department along with others across this country are doing their best to move the needle in a positive direction. San Jose force report encouraging amid George Floyd outcry,” Chief Eddie Garcia said on Twitter.

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