WATCH: Puerto Ricans Confronted by ‘Karen’ at Wisconsin Park

puerto ricans confronted in park

Facebook A group of Puerto Ricans were confronted by this woman in a Wisconsin park.

A Puerto Rican man says he and friends were confronted in a Wisconsin park by a “Karen” who insisted, “We speak English here” and grew upset because he and friends were playing Spanish music. She also told them that “Donald Trump says go home,” according to the video, which has gone viral on social media.

Ramon Luis Cancel, a freelance filmmaker and former hotel greeter who now lives in Baraboo, Wisconsin, posted the video to his Facebook page on May 20.

“My first Karen was today. Todo por que no le gusta la musica que escuchamos 😂 #KarenWantTalkToTheManager Stop Being Racist,” he wrote. It translates to, “All because she doesn’t like the music we listen to.” The term “Karen” is used in popular culture to describe white women who confront minorities and/or call the police on them for minor things. Sometimes people use the word Karen to describe women who complain to the manager about nothing.

Here’s the shorter version of the video:


The woman has not been identified.

According to, Cancel is a native of Caguas who left Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria. He came to Wisconsin Dells to work in the resort industry. He and friends headed to the park and beach in nearby Lake Delton when they were confronted by the woman. “You see these racist incidents on the Internet, in the news, and you think this will not happen to you, just because you can’t believe that people like this, so racist, exist,” Cancel told the site. Heavy has also reached out to him for an interview. Cancel responded that he can speak when done with work.

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and Puerto Ricans are automatically U.S. citizens at birth.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Woman Mentions Trump & Says ‘You’re in America’

The woman, wearing sunglasses and clutching a drink, is standing with a man carrying fishing poles in a park setting.

“Oh, I know, I know, Senorita,” the woman says in a shorter clip that Cancel posted to his Facebook page.

A man says, “They’re not Mexicans.”

“You are so f*ckin’ disrespectful,” she says. “F*ck this. F*ck this music. It sucks. You’re in America. You’re in America.”

A man says, “Puerto Ricans have just as much right in America as you do.”

The woman says, “Then play American music. Play American music. Aw, f*ck. … How about you b*tch. When you’re home, play your f*ckin’ music.” She then says “Donald Trump.”

“Bye, bye, adios,” a man responds.

Now This News posted a commentary-filled longer version of the video. It’s had more than 1.5 million views.

“In America, we speak English. We don’t speak- we don’t have to listen to your f*cking crap,” the woman says.

A man asks whether she can speak Spanish. “I’m just gonna tell you what, senor. When the authorities come, to shut your f*cking music off,” the woman says, speaking slowly.

“Ok, Karen, bye. You want to talk to the manager?” a man says.

“You know what, Mr. Trump will say thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” she says. “Us Republicans, who love Mr. Donald Trump don’t want to hear this f*cking crap. All we’re trying to do is fish. All we wanna do is fish.”

“Are you drunk?” a man asks.

A man says, “go and fish.”

The woman says, “We can’t because all we hear is your goddamn f*ckin’ music. … Americans fish with poles. … Fishing is supposed to be silent,” she says.

“If you want silence go to your house and close your mouth,” someone tells her.

“You know what, senor …” she starts saying.

“That’s the only word you can say in Spanish, Karen,” a man says.

She responds, “Tacos and margarita.”

A woman says “Leave us alone …”

“This is crap. This isn’t American music,” the woman repeats.

“Aye, Karen, go f*ckin off,” a man says.

The woman repeats that people in the United States speak English. “When I call the police and they come down, you’ll know who sent them. … This is a fishing resort.”

“Puerto Ricans have as much right in America as you do,” a man says.

“Donald Trump says go home,” the woman retorts.

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