Apple ID & Servers Down: Users Report App & iCloud Errors


Apple users have reports a host of issues today, including the Apple servers being down, iTunes not working, their Apple IDs not working, and “application does not exist” errors. Apple’s server status page says that everything’s working fine now, but some people are still reporting issues. Here’s a look at what’s been happening today.

Down Detector Reported a Series of Issues This Evening

Down Detector reported a series of issues today including with iCloud, the App Store, and iTunes. All the issues spiked briefly this evening for about an hour. The live outage map showed that most of the problems were centered in the United States.

Here’s the iTunes error page. Down Detector reported that most of those issues (78%) involved logging in.

Down Detector

And here’s a look at the App Store error page. Down Detector noted that most of the issues (82%) involved logging in.

Down Detector

Below is a look at the iCloud error page. Down Detector reports that 59% of users experienced a total blackout on iCloud and 36% reported issues with email.

Down Detector

On Reddit, a megathread was created based on so many people reporting issues.

According to the thread, the main issue involved people seeing an “application you have selected does not exist” error message, among many others. Other issues were with Apple Pay, not being able to sign in with an Apple ID, iPhones suddenly shutting off, and other issues across all devices whether iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Some people said they were worried that they had been hacked.

The Reddit thread notes the issue’s been fixed, but some people are still saying that they’re having problems, such as their Apple ID signing them out.

Apple’s system status page says that all the issues have been fixed, but it points out that there were three issues with the iCloud servers for about an hour.


The page notes that there were some issues with iCloud Mail, iCloud Account Sign In, and iCloud Web Apps. The page says all the issues were resolved. The iCloud Account issue was reported from 6:14-7:11 p.m. where users may not have been able to sign in. The iCloud Mail error was in the same time period, causing users to not be able to access the service. The iCloud Web Apps issue was also for the same time period.

Francesco, whose Twitter bio says he is an iOS developer, wrote: “Authentication server issues with Apple ID and iCloud. it is a problem that is occurring in all iOS versions but mainly from iOS 10. We hope to solve the inconvenience as soon as possible.” 

Some people on Twitter are still reporting issues and are wondering if Anonymous is hacking Apple.

These tweets are referencing the rumor that the Minneapolis Police website went down because of Anonymous. (You can read more about that rumor here.)

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