Marcus Carr: Las Vegas Man Found Hanged Behind Walmart Died by Suicide, Family Say

Marcus Carr Suicide

GoFundMe Marcus Carr.

Marcus Carr, a 35-year-old Black man found hanging behind a Las Vegas Walmart near Decatur and Charleston, died by suicide, his family have confirmed.

The NBC affiliated station 3LV reported the news on June 30 following a post by a member of Carr’s family that went viral.

Brenda Daniels wrote on her Facebook page on Monday June 29,

My young cousin Marcus Carr was found hung behind Wal-mart on Decatur and Charleston. He was 35. We have yet to see it in the news. He was ID,d by fingerprints. It happened here in Las Vegas Nevada. His parents Greta Carr and Jerry Carr are going thru hell because they can’t get any info. We were told it was one witness but no one is talking. Walmart,,,,,,camera’s??? Everywhere… Please share this. We will find out. That’s all we want.

The family later confirmed the legitimacy of the post in an interview with 3LV.

3LV reported they “confirmed with family and the coroner that [the death] was in fact a suicide.

“On Wednesday [24 June] someone found 35-year-old Marcus Carr hanging from a fence behind the Walmart, he died on the way to the hospital.”

An official statement has not yet been released by Las Vegas Police.

Here’s what you need to know.

Residents Were ‘in an Uproar’ Over Carr’s Death, & the ‘Family Set the Record Straight’

Concerned residents took to social seek answers following the death of the young man.

Oakland News Now Vlogger Zennie62 said “his parents are freaking out trying to gather information. There was said to be a witness … not officially yet on the news. This is the third known death of this type … that’s happened in the West: two in California, this in Nevada … a lot of conflicting information flying around.”

One poster directed her comments about Carr’s death to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, who posted on June 28 regarding the Coronavirus death toll in the state, “sadly, today marks the 500th loss of life in Nevada due to #COVID19. These Nevadans were our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends, and Kathy and I mourn this unimaginable loss. We owe it to their memories to do all we can help slow the spread.”

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In response, the user said, “hello?? are u going to talk about Marcus Carr yet??? HE WAS HUNG BEHIND A WALMART 5 MINS FROM MY F***ING HOUSE. TALK ABOUT IT.”

Heavy contacted the Carr family, Walmart, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on June 29, and was still waiting for comment at time of publication.

3LV reporter Gabby Hart confirmed on Twitter that Carr’s death was “ruled a suicide but many suspected foul play.”

She promised the family would “set the record straight on why they were suspicious and the answers they got from Metro that helped them find some closure.”

The Family Said Initially They Never Received Police Reports or Other Documents Around the Death

Hart spoke with Carr’s Aunt, Jackie Jones, in an interview.

During the introduction, Hart said “some people [were] even suggesting this may have been a lynching. That’s not the case.”

Jones told Hart the family were initially hesitant to believe his death could have been a suicide “because we didn’t get our questions answered. Yeah, it caused speculation.”

Hart confirmed that Metro Police said it was a suicide, but Jones said the family “never received any reports, they were not able to view the body … we want evidence, we need to see documents, we needed to see a report, we wanted to talk to police. We had a lot of questions.”

Hart says the family took to Facebook because they were “desperate for answers.”

“I just want everybody to know that unfortunately, Marcus was going through something we were not aware of,” Jones said.

The family said that after a subsequent meeting with Metro Police, where they were presented with “footage of a prior event that kind of led to it,” and “some documentation, pictures,” they were now certain Carr’s death was a suicide.

Carr’s parents have set up a GoFundMe following the event, which reads,

our son, Marcus Carr, was born on Aug. 26, 1984. He was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Marcus attended Cheyenne High School. On June 24, 2020, our son suddenly passed away at the young age of 35. His death was an unexpected tragedy for our family. We sincerely appreciate your donations to assist us in the burial of our son, Marcus. God bless you, and thank you for your kindness. Jerry and Greta Carr

Another fundraiser that was set up, ‘Justice for Marcus Carr,” has now been deactivated.

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