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    Daniel Cameron is the attorney general of Kentucky. He delivered the findings of his office's investigation into the Breonna Taylor case Wednesday.

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    Breonna Taylor's wrongful death suit was settled at $12 million Tuesday, as hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent each year covering police misconduct.

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    A report from the U.S Crisis Monitor found that 93% of protests associated with the Black Lives Matter movement have been peaceful.

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  • Stone Mountain Park in Georgia Closed Over Protest Concerns

    Stone Mountain Park in Georgia was closed due to safety concerns over planned, dual counter protests at the state park, known for its large Confederate rock carving.

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    Florida State University student Jack Denton is appealing his removal as student senate president, following a group message in which he accused Black Lives Matter and the ACLU of supporting "explicitly anti-Catholic" things, such as the LGBTQ community and abortion.