Esther Salas’ Jeffrey Epstein Case Ties Explained

Rutgers University/Getty New Jersey Federal Judge Esther Salas was recently assigned to a case linked to financier Jeffrey Epstein.

New Jersey Federal Judge Esther Salas, whose son and husband were shot on July 19 in their home, was recently assigned to a case linked to the late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

While conspiracy theories quickly spread on social media about a connection between the Epstein-related case and the shootings of Salas’ family members, the suspect in the attack has since been identified and there do not appear to be any links. The suspect has been identified as Roy Den Hollander, a self-described men’s rights and anti-feminist attorney who was involved in a case that is being overseen by Salas. The case was brought by an 18-year-old New Jersey girl who said she was being discriminated against by the federal government because she could not sign-up for Selective Service and the male-only military draft.

Bloomberg reported on July 16 that Deutsche Bank AG is accused of misleading investors “about anti-money-laundering deficiencies” as well as failing to “properly monitor” customers that were “high-risk,” including Epstein.

In August 2019, Epstein died by “apparent suicide” in his Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center cell, according to Business Insider. The New York-based financier was arrested earlier that year on “suspicion of sex trafficking underage girls in the early 2000s,” the outlet continued.

The Deutsche Bank civil case was filed on July 15 and assigned to Salas the following day, Global Newswire added.

Global Newswire indicated that the lawsuit was filed on behalf of anyone who purchased the bank’s securities between November 7, 2017, and July 6, 2020.

The suit claims the bank was dishonest with investors about failing to fix ongoing problems surrounding its “disclosure controls,” among other things, Global Newswire continued. The suit also accuses the company of inadequately monitoring “high risk” clients, citing Epstein and two other “correspondent banks” involved in prior financial scandals.

You can see the docket entry here.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Federal Reserve Criticized Deutsche Bank’s U.S. Operations in an Internal Audit

Deutsche Bank

GettyA woman with an umbrella passes a logo of Deutsche Bank on January 29, 2013.

Global Newswire reported that the Federal Reserve had “sharply criticized” the bank’s operations during a May internal audit.

The audit concluded that Deutsche Bank did not resolve concerns that were reported “years earlier,” including issues relating to the bank’s control procedures, the outlet continued.

The bank’s stock quickly fell from $6.91 per share to $6.60 per share between May 12, 2020, and the following day, Global Newswire indicated.

Many Have Taken to Social Media to Question Salas’ Family Shooting & Her Ties to the Epstein-Linked Case


GettyA protest group called “Hot Mess” hold up signs of Jeffrey Epstein in front of the Federal courthouse on July 8, 2019, in New York City.

The New Jersey Globe reported that a gunman dressed as a FedEx delivery driver on July 19 shot Salas’ spouse and child in their North Brunswick home.

Her 20-year-old son, Daniel Anderl, died, while her husband, Mark Anderl, a 63-year-old criminal defense attorney, is in “critical but stable condition,” the outlet continued. Mark Anderl received surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

Salas was not harmed, sources told the Globe.

The Daily Beast reported on July 20 that Roy Den Hollander, a well-known men’s rights attorney, is believed to be the suspected gunman.

Authorities claimed the suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Rockland, New York, the outlet added. Hollander had a case pending before Salas that involved a “challenge to the military’s male-only draft,” the Beast said, citing court documents.

Many have taken to Twitter to question Salas’ family shooting and her ties to the Epstein case.

Because of the nature of Epstein’s death, combined with his former ties to high-profile figures, conspiracy theories speculating whether he was murdered have exploded online.

Here are some of the Twitter responses to the New Jersey shooting:

This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

While most of the theories surrounding Epstein’s death point to assassination, President Donald Trump retweeted in 2019 a conspiracy theorist blaming Bill Clinton as the culprit, CNBC reported.

The tweet was written and posted by Terrence K. Williams, saying Epstein “had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead. I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! … #EpsteinSuicide #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily,” according to a screen shot obtained by the outlet.

CNBC Screen Shot 

New Jersey Federal Courts Are Among the Nation’s Busiest, a Recent Report Says

A recent Hughes Center Report shows that the New Jersey U.S. District Court case backlog is at nearly 39,000, up 230% since 2016, according to Insider NJ.

Although the Southern District of New York is “considered to be one of the busiest districts in the nation,” the outlet continued, according to research authored by Daniel Tidcombe, “New Jersey has more pending cases per judgeship.”

New Jersey Monthly disclosed that Salas can preside “over as many as 485 civil matters and 50 criminal cases” at any given time.

In 2014, the judge amassed viral attention when she sentenced Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, to prison, People Magazine reported.

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