What This Man’s Sign Called Kamala Harris Made It Go Viral

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Facebook This sign left residents of Salisbury outraged.

Drivers passing by the signs paid for by Rob Roy, a Massachusetts man and the owner of Rob Roy Auto Service’s, were shocked by his latest creation: a large sign which read, “Joe and the Hoe, Sniff And Blow Tour 2020,” according to reporting from Seacoastonline.com.

Roy, known in town for his signs supporting Trump and opposing Democrats, outraged many of Salisbury’s residents for its derogatory reference to Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris as a “hoe,” which is slang for “prostitute.”

The Sign Went Viral On Facebook

According to Seacoastonline.com, an image of the scene went viral when Newtown resident Norman Martinen posted the sign on Facebook, sparking outrage from many of those who commented on it.

“This guy is such a sexist asshole,” one woman wrote. “It pissed me off for days. A typical deplorable, uneducated jerk. I could go on for pages on how much this pissed me off.” Another person replying to the post wrote, “he should take that down and replace it with a sign that simply says “I’m a dumb ass,” while someone else sarcastically quipped, “classy.”

Martinen told the news-site that he found the sign incredibly offensive. “This guy always has obscene signs. He even uses the f-word. I’m no prude. I’m a veteran, but this time his sign is beyond acceptable. Kids can see it.”

Salisbury Town Manager Neil Harrington – who reportedly heard from more than 200 people that they were offended by the sign – said that it represented Roy exercising his First Amendment right to free speech and could not be taken down.

“The sign is the epitome of bad taste. It’s vile. It’s sexist. It’s racist. But as a public official, I’m sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States,” he said. “I think a lot of people are misdirecting their outrage at the sign towards Salisbury and not the person who’s displaying it. The antidote is to utilize your own free speech against it.”

The Sign About the Biden/Harris Ticket Has Since Been Removed

Roy’s Facebook page confirms that it’s not his first time putting up controversial signs one of which did reference the f*** word; that one, which he posted in February of 2019, read, “Keep America Great … Re-elect the Motherf***er … Trump 2020.”

Some of the photos show similar lettering and styled signs with less controversial messages, such as one thanking first responders.

It also featured signs that read, “Blue Lives Matter” and another posted January 11, which read, “STD” in big letters. The words “Stop the Democrats” were above the “STD” and two phrases – “Don’t be an a**” and “Cure the disease” were below it.

In a post which seemed to respond to the outrage of his latest sign, Rob Roy Jr. wrote this message on Facebook:

Ok, I do see how the sign can be so offensive to some, but if I posted something about our great President the same people that went lower than me would be hailing me as a great person. Everyone that drives by my shop knows that I very right and do not hide it. A couple of signs funny some serious and some on edge. This last sign did go to far and all though I wont take it back[.] [W]ish more of you got the message. She is a TOOL (hoe). My future signs will not cross the line again but will continue with my message. To the polite ones from the left that i had great conversations with from all over the country Canada and even Ireland, THANK YOU and hope that we all can learn to talk as we did. This is America and did you act like one? To the friends[,] customers and fellow Americans that stood by me THANK YOU, sorry if your life got harder. I would also like to state I am not a racist and just because I have different views[,] does not make me one[.] [W]e are all humans[,] most here are AMERICANS[;] we need to act that way. Rob Roy.

According to Seacoastonline.com, the sign has since been removed, although it is unclear who removed it.

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