WATCH: Kansas Woman Without Mask Walks Hospital to Prove COVID Is a ‘Hoax’

maskless woman hospital COVID hoax

Facebook A woman who goes by Darbi Blu on social media claims COVID-19 is a hoax after she filmed herself walking through a Kansas hospital without a mask.

A Kansas woman is facing public backlash after she filmed herself walking through a local hospital without a mask to prove that the coronavirus is a “hoax.”

The woman, who goes by the name Darbi Blu on social media, took to Facebook on September 18 to claim that the virus is fake. Blu recorded herself in a now-deleted video wandering the halls of what she says is the Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Kansas. The woman insinuates that because she was not asked by a “single” doctor or staff member to put a mask on, the virus is therefore a “hoax.”

She wrote:

I walked around a hospital without a mask on. Here’s what happened.

Edit: not a SINGLE doctor, nurse, or staff member requested that I wear a mask. Why? Because this whole thing is a HOAX, and you’re a mindless herd member if you’re not seeing through this bullshit. I’m also not going to read your hate comments. If you’re wasting your time being a keyboard warrior you’re pathetic and not worth a second of my time. If you let something that someone posts on the internet make you butthurt, you are truly pitiful. Scroll and move on with your life.

Edit #2: I can’t buy a pack of smokes without being ordered to cover my face, but for some reason, I can walk through a hospital and not a single biological organism says a word about it. It is also notable that nurses and doctors were not wearing PPE or social distancing. I was allowed into the nearky empty ICU and was not ordered to wear a mask. If that isn’t questionable to you, you may as well carve out your brain and use that unused space as a fanny pack. The people who should be the strongest enforcers of these ridiculous and unconstitutional policies, clearly do not care. I wanted you to take this social experiment at face value (get it? hehe), but it seems as though you required an opinion. It’s been extremely disappointing to observe the maturity of my peers this last day. If you cannot make an argument without insulting a person’s character, you have no argument to make. Peace be with you all, I still love you all dispite this. Also. Do your own research. Don’t be a media sheep.

Her post accumulated over 300 comments as of the morning of September 20 and began making the rounds on other social platforms.

You can watch a version of the clip below:

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Blu has since doubled down on her stance, writing on Facebook that she is not “wasting any more precious minutes of my life on lifeless loser stalker social media addicts (gross and pathetic you all are).”

Heavy has reached out to the Overland Park Regional Medical Center and is awaiting a response.

Here’s what you need to know:

In the Video, Blu Tours Hospital Halls Before Questioning a Staff Member About the Number of COVID Deaths

Blu opens the roughly 2-minute video by explaining that she is inside the Overland Park Regional Hospital and is not wearing a mask.

She then flips the camera around and begins to tour the halls, saying hello to multiple passerby — all of whom are wearing masks.

As she reaches the exit, Blu approaches a staff member who appears to be working at a check-in desk.

“You’re pretty overwhelmed with the COVID deaths, right?” Blu asks the employee. “Because the numbers are rising, I bet you’ve had a lot of patients come in.”

The hospital worker, who is noticeably uncomfortable with the camera, responds, “I can’t really talk about it.”

“I was just walking around the hallways and was like, ‘Wow, it’s so quiet.’ I thought I would at least hear a crying nurse or two,” Blu comments. “Anyways, thank you so much. Have a great day.”

The video then ends.

Many Have Taken to Social Media to Condemn the COVID-19 Denier

Copies of Blu’s video and statements are beginning to circulate on social media, despite having been removed from her own account.

On September 19, the popular Twitter account Fifty Shades of Whey shared Blu’s information and posts in several tweets, captioned: “COVID-denier in Kansas walks through a hospital without a mask to ‘prove’ it’s a hoax” and “Meet ‘Darbi Blu’ the super-spreader from Overland Park, KS. Her Facebook is full of conspiracies from COVID to George Floyd.”

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Many responded to the tweets with emotions ranging from shock to outrage.

“She should volunteer on a covid-19 unit w/o a mask n let’s see what she thinks after that,” one person wrote.

“An insult to all the Healthcare workers who have died, became sick or will never be the same … Perhaps you should visit the morgue and help lift a lifeless body on the table,” wrote another.


Several individuals questioned how the woman got inside the hospital and why she wasn’t removed.

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The Woman’s Facebook Is Littered With Conspiracy Theories, Including 9/11 Claims

The Kansas woman’s page is littered with conspiracy theories, including claims that the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are a lie.

“If you believe everything the media tells you you are a stupid sheep. They lied about 9/11. They will lie about anything else as long as it controls you with fear,” Blu wrote in a September 18 post.

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